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PMD-U Errand 6: Temporal Travelers



Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014

Yeah, no real inspiration for this one. Just did it to get it done. In a nutshell, the team goes off to collect data about automaton 'mons for Alexander. Sarah goes off to interview some of these artificial mons, journalist style. The Doctor amuses himself by playing this particular Porygon2's favorite game, Chess. Both the computer program and the eccentric genius find the match an entertaining challenge.

How's the art look? Tried to add in some shading on the Doctor (very faint, I know). Always have issues keeping him in proportion, too. Actually went and referenced a chess set to try to get the pieces to look right. Ultimately, I'm happy with the end result. Now...if I could just start doing them in color!


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I don't know what move the Porygon2 made, but it was illegal. His king is in check. (Total chess nerd discovering this piece...)
Depending on the situation past that, I would probably Rxh8+ (Rook take rook at h8) to put the king in dire position. Then, it's a simple Rook/Rook checkmate past that, as long as you keep the knight in check.

Gawd I am so nerdy.