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Mothcat User ID #184 by duskinova
Name/Username: Dusk / duskinova
Rank: A

Stickers/Achievements: 21

1 Mothcat Owned by floramisa 5 Mothcats Owned by floramisa 10 Mothcats Owned by floramisaMothcats Mentee Graduate by floramisa2016 October MotM by floramisa Digital Artist - Tablet by floramisa Digital Artist - Mouse by floramisa Author by floramisa Lotto Winner - Pawsitivity by floramisa Baby Steps by floramisa Forager by floramisa World Traveler by floramisaGuest Artist by floramisa
[1 Mothcat Owned] [5 Mothcats Owned] [10 Mothcats Owned] [Mentor Program Graduate] [2016 October Member of the Month] [Digital Artist - Tablet] [Digital Artist - Mouse] [Author] [Lotto Winner] [Baby Steps] [Forager] [World Traveler] [Guest Artist]


Mothscouts Parent by floramisa1-Year Birthday Cupcake by floramisa  Happy 3!!! Birthday Cake by floramisa Fundraiser - 2017 Hurricane Relief by floramisa Honey's Surprise Party Participant by floramisa 2018 Fundraiser - Let Your Voice Be Heard by floramisa 2019 Official Winter Olympics Participant by Mothkitten 2019 Eggy Grams Participant by Mothkitten 2019 Mothprom Pride Participant by MothkittenHappy 4!!!! Birthday Cookie by floramisa 2020 Hot Springs Enthusiast by Mothkitten
[Mothscouts Parent] [1-Year Birthday Cupcake] [Happy 3 Birthday Cake] [2017 Hurricane Relief] [Honey's Surprise Party 2018 Participant] [2018 Let Your Voice Be Heard] [2019 Official Winter Olympics] [2019 Eggy Grams] [2019 Mothprom Pride] [Mothcats 4th Birthday] [2020 Hot Springs Enthusiast]

Bank Balance:

 | 3  | 0 

Community Garden Balance:
13 points

Current Bait Count: 8

Mothcats Owned: 17

Ace | Ajax Bluma | BooCherri Eris
Grendel | IndigoMateo | Misty | Nova | Ozul
Roswell | Rowan | ShimiTamia | Yelona

x1 Rare MYO

Subspecies Owned: 5

Bumblebuns: 1

Florabuns: 3
Blair | Chiso | Odele

Sparklenoses: 1


[now kept in spreadsheet! please see the link below for inventory, attached items, and wishlist]…

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa
You cannot make your own! 

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