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Topaz, the Alchemist

By Duskie-06
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This is a Patreon Reward for :iconalchemistmoon:

Meet Topaz! She is a pony alchemist, who mostly does stuff with gems, and alchemic circles

If you like my works, feel free to support me at my Patreon!

Patroning $15 or more will grant you one fully shaded pony drawing like this once every two weeks!

Critiques and comments welcome!
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Lava-turtle079Hobbyist General Artist
Ok...I’m gonna say it. I CANT GET ENOUGH OF YOUR ART STYLE! 

your art style (the best way I can explain it) is right on the edge of being “too” realistic but you still make it look like a cartoon and it is awesome.

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AlchemistMoonHobbyist Photographer
She turned out very cute. :)

Thanks for drawing her.
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What kinda stuff does she work with?
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AlchemistMoonHobbyist Photographer
What do you mean?

In the story she is in, gems/crystals are used as magic batteries basically. They run small things like the refrigerator, water heaters, or lights. Things like that, not anything overly complicated. She, creates them and recharges them. It's an artform, if you do it wrong the gems break. 

They can also be used for decorations using gems with unique shapes as when charged they give off a soft internal glow.

She also does enchantments on stuff, which in the story she is in, is slightly going out of style for most things as its not very cheap, and the item can be damaged if the enchantment fails, and its cheap to just buy say a new saw blade than to get an enhanced durability and sharpness enchant on it usually. Though, most products do get a very basic almost no chance to fail enchantments on them, like a minor stain resist-ment or something.
GanymedeSkies's avatar
These 'batteries', are they electrical is there another force at play?
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AlchemistMoonHobbyist Photographer
They are magical based, so not really electricity. The items use the stored magic to power them, drawn from the gems/crystals via another spell on the item. Depending on the size of gem and its use, they can last from a week to a few months, or more.
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I'd like to learn more about magical components.
AlchemistMoon's avatar
AlchemistMoonHobbyist Photographer
I'll send a note.
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Too cute!
*Dies from cuteness*
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RaptorDrawzHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, very nice, as always! Looks like she wants to eat it, lol.
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Rainbows2424Hobbyist Digital Artist
It looks nice! It’ll be probably be featured on EQD.
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SpartanElite30Hobbyist Digital Artist
(insert fullmetal alchemist reference)
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