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RE-203 Pulverizer

Presenting, the large low angle weapon variant of Hexiron's large railguns!

3D modeling software used: Sketchup Pro 2020

Renderer used: Indigo Renderer
Other programs used: Photoshop CC 2020

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You are presenting a wonderful and beautiful job and this work will return as an investment for you in the long run, but if you want to achieve income faster and with more amounts through the Internet, send me a message so that I can provide you with the rest of the details.

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Absolutely amazing!


Imma just sae ONE thing:

Is this a halo weapon?

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Your work never ceases to impress. Keep it up Dusk!

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Stupid question, but could this weapon be made as a ground-defense variant? You mention in the image that it's mountable only on Battleship class and heavier capital ships (i.e. Dreadnought equivalents) but there's precedent in the multiverse of multiple scifi worlds and also real life that heavy Battleship guns can be placed on the ground to create extremely heavy weapons platforms for defense or attack depending on the needs; this seems like something that would get a heavy ground variant...

Hydraulicfracturing's avatar

Oooof imagine that shell going through an unshielded starship hull.

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Sounds like, basically, the equivalent of a Halo-style MAC gun going through a target, shielded or not heh.

This is a beautiful design @Duskie-06 - I wouldn't mind paying for a modified design variant in order to use it in my own stories as one of the weapons pieces for my starships and warships in my universe's lines. (Just mentioning)

Hydraulicfracturing's avatar

Halo, oh I was thinking of a mod of Stellaris

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I've got Halo on my mind lately - been playing it recently for nostalgia xD
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An overkill machine.



Joe-Mck's avatar

Someone's day is about to get ruined. :)

SpaceCadet-Forevermo's avatar

I like the idea of a tank having twin barrels.

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Hmmm... This isn't a tank, per se, but if they could attach this to one that would be more than awesome

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R.I.P. Abrams!

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