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Yall seen my new animation? BTE but if Hal could talk. Check it out HERE (Tumblr) or HERE (Twitter)

i dunno if i should upload it to youtube or not. hmmmm lmao

dusky out~
I really did not for the life of me think I would get that kind of support on my last journal. I was just using it as space to ramble tbh. All u guys' support is really appreciated thank you so much. I'll bounce back. I have to. I gotta face up to this and move on. And I can. Don't worry about me I'm stronger than even I think.

Thank you all

Dusky out~
I don't expect many of you to read this, but my mental health has been in decline for quite some time now. I'ts finally gotten so severe that I cant hide it anymore and its affecting me on a physical level. I haven't slept or eaten properly in days. Just bc I'm sad and angry. 
Due to in-fighting in my team for bte the comic's future is uncertain. I would hate to give it up, so I will continue to work on it despite my shattered team. For my own sanity above all else. My comic means the world to me and I'm not willing to give that up. If the team has a problem with me continuing without them then they can fess up to me. What are they gonna do, sue me? if they care for me in the slightest they will accept me claiming the rights to this and moving forward anyway. This is my story. I have all the help I need.
The reason I'm informing yall of this is if it gets bad I may erase my entire online presence and start over. It should not come to that tho but dw. I've never been at a point this low and I apologise.
I promise you I WILL bounce back. Things just suck right now and I can't handle it. I will be fine

Dusky out~
Anyone here have any good furry tutorials? A friend of mine is wanting to create a fursona but has never drawn furries before and i would like to lend them a hand c: alternitively if theres interest i can create a tutorial myself but my methods are a little hard to follow. Any help would be appreciated!! 

Dusky out~ vroom vroom KABOOM
oh boy dusky not like u do this every month then decide against it
But yea I'm thinkin abt it
Gotta work out prices n stuff still but if i get interest then maybe?? What sort of things would you be looking to commission from me? Probably nothing lmfao my art is a mess ANYWAY, yea they will be paypal commissions if i do them. No point in drawing for points anymore i decided when i had DA core that i hated it, plus I'm more active on other sites now so. 

Whatever y'all have a nice day!! just thought i'd throw this out there.


Dusky out~ vroom vroom KABOOM
Hi, I need to be loved
Nah jkjk but hey while I'm trapped here w the bad weather I do have a question for those who want to answer, but feel free to dismiss it I'm just ramblng into the void really;
I'm currently working on a bunch of mini oc refs for bte, but those of u who read/keep up w bte will know it has A LOT of characters. So far I have about 12 refs done out of god knows how many but im not sure f i should submit them here. I mean, most of you here are probably only here for the dragons LMAO. Anyway I'm just not confident in spamming yall with art all at once tho there isn't that many of u. who knows maybe i'l do it but yea if u want I can post them here of just link u to my oc page on tumblr (tho bc its got a lot of ocs who don't have refs on it theres a lot of gaps)
Also u drew a 5 part edgy thing the other day that I'm super proud of and want to post but again its 5 images and I'm not sure its worth it, plus u gotta read it in a certain order for it to make sense so thats better suited to tumblr.
U miss out on a lot if u don't follow me there tbh bc im really comic-centric now, plus u get me shitposting daily as well as some bomb ass art from a lot of my cool ass friends

Anyway yah idk if i should post the things here or not. maybe i will maybe I wont who knows. in the meantime here's hoping the shops are open tomorrow, looks like i could be stuck here for a while with the weather. Real bad snowstorm and all that jazz

Bye for now!

Dusky out~ vroom vroom KABOOM

p.s: reminder to check out [hav's commissions], they could use the cash for moving into their new house ;3
I'm not taking them. But my friend is!! Their art is super fucking amazing too and they deserve more credit for what they do. Check it ------>  Commissions open!

I go by FalseHavran now! But I don't have core so I can't fix that lmao. 
But hey commissions are open. Email me at with references and choice or any questions you may have!
Payments are via PayPal and in USD
 I would commission them if I could but I go blank whenever i try to think of an idea to ask for. TvT They need money so help a guy out and lend em a hand, would ya? Or at least check em out and give em some love and encouragement. They're one of my best friends and they deserve way more than they get.

I know I don't usually do promos like this but i owe it to them after everything they have done for me. Unki I'm sure u will get a notif abt me mentioning this and I hope ur not mad at me. But I would give my eye teeth for you. This probably won't be much help and I'm probably just annoying you now, but i'll do everything in my power to help you out. I can't do much but I can do this.


Dusky out~ vroom vroom KABOOM!! I need a new outro
So recently my webcomic Beyond The End hit 100 subs!! That means I can actually gain ad revenue from it now! for the first time I can actually gain money from this comic i've been investing so much time and work into the past 2 years TTUTTb well not quite two years but not too far off it. 100 subs doesn't sound like a lot in 1.5 years compared to some of my friends who got over 1000 in thier first few updates but this is a huge milestone!! I've alwats had to work for my success I don't have the same kinda luck they do. (plus like.. timezone differences and stuff.) So yeah now you can support me without actually donating!!! Just reading my comic giving it views sharing it with friends that can all help me out now!! We aren't a huge comic I doubt we will get much from it but hey its a little reward for all my hard work!! Special thanks to my best friends and co-writers Windycube and Falsehavran for making this possible and putting up with me for this long. I know they dont really use DA anymore so it's unlikely they will see this but they deserve the credit anyway. The more money i can earn from this the more money i have to share with them in the hopes to improve their lives.

To those of you reading this thank you very much. And to those of you who read this who also read my comic thank you very much for your support and I hope you continue to support us through thick and thin in the furture. You all are great and every nice comment or like or ask on my tumblr or even every view on the comic itself really mean the world to me. God bless u.  To those of u that r here like "Um wtf Dusky where the fuckle r ur dragons I'm here for dragons not ur got damn gay angel comic" too bad. Xenvotsu needs a LOT of revamping. Its far too complicated and i spent far to many years trying to pander to an audience that wasn't even there so theres a lot of changes that need to be made just to make it a comic I actually enjoy. Too much domestic crap and shitty forced romance and not enough dragons being dragons. I'm trying to sort it out but for now I have no idea where I'm going with it. That's life I guess. Look out for it tho i still very much love my dragon characters its just finding a story that fits them is very difficult please be patient. 

I also have ideas for a couple of one shots/really short comics. One is chasing tails which is ur classic detective story but cats and also an unnamed zombie story. I dont have too much on that other than it'll be done in black and white (+ probably red) and the weird ass setting that came to me in a dream. These won't be for a while yet bc my main focus rn is bte bc I'm Doing Well with it as cliche as it is it makes me happy.

(Also if ur wondering whats happeing w luck its been shelved for now while I revamp Xenvotsu. Since it was basically a universe test, plus Xav's redesign fucks a few things)

To the bte readers out there: Really your support means so much to me and to my co-writers also. I really hope u enjoy the comic as much as I do. Please stick with us. This summer is when shit hits the fan should all go according to plan ;) 
Also I have a bunch of mini ref sheets for the characters (a lot still in the works) but I'm not sure if I should post them here. Bte has a VERY LARGE cast of characters and I don't wanna spam you guys if it doesn't rly matter :> 

This journal has gone on far longer than expected LMAO whatever congrats if u read all this meaningless waffling

Later Nerds

Dusky out~ Vroom Vroom KABOOM
I've been thinking abt my progress a lot lately and i'd quite like to redraw (or attempt to redraw) some of my old(er) art. It doesn't need to be too old even just from last year i'd just like a way to judge how much progress I've actually made. 
In August (a long way I know) i plan on redrawing the first chapter of BTE for the 2 year anniversary, and while that idea was in my head i thought hey.. why not ask you people out here in internet land if there's anything else you'd like to see? Since you people seem to care more about my dragons than my current project LMAO

I cant guarentee i'll do them but its just a thought for the future yakno? if i ever get free time from uni and comics LMAO

This totally wasn't just an excuse to replace an old journal.

Also I apologise for being kinda absent, I'm more active on tumblr so ;3

Later nerds! 

Dusky out~ Vroom Vroom KABOOM 
Trimester over. all I have left to do is write a 4 page essay before christmas. TvT he'res hoping I've done well in my classes because I fucking hated them and will Die if I need to do it again. LMFAO
Anyway, I'd say i'll be drawing more now bUT I cant say for sure. I'l be trying but I need to get into the way of bte again. hh 

Dusky Out~ Vroom Vroom Kaboom but very exausted
Thank u for my first ever core in all my years of being here I AM BLESSED™ JKNHBGVFCFXDSGCHVHJKHG

DuskDragonXIII feels more professional~

Dusky out~ vroom vroom KABOOM!!
But I do not have core and wanting 2 change a username doesn't fuckin justify spending that amount of money when i will not use any of the other features (except maybe polls but even then im not on this site often enough and i do not have all that many active watchers LMAO)

Should i just delete and start afresh?? Then i have all the pain of moving my art and uGH,,, **horgles**
Also ive had this account for so long now im kinda attched to it hmmMMMMMMMMM

What do u guys think? all maybe 3 of u that might read this lmfao

This is all. I have no idea what i'd change it to probably to either Duskdragonxiii bc thats me everywhere else or to Xenvotsu...... hmmmmmmmmmmMMMMM

Dusky out: Vroom Vroom KABOOM
Want to get a half body flat of a character\oc and whatever made by yours truly?
Why now you can!!!
Im setting up a small giveaway
I'm "unfortunately" decided to change accounts yet again and wanted your help in coming up with a new "artist name" for myself in the future!!
TO participate is just write the name(s) below the coment BID HERE that you want to enter\suggest a name. Or if your shy, feel free to drop a note on this account!
Here's an example of what i mean by a half body flat:
(disclaimer everything is accepted, except explicit sexual content and or certain “kinks” i will not create any type of nsfw art for the time being.
Violence and gore is ok even some types of vore )
Here are the rules
However no name that includes the following will not qualify as an entry:
   Sexual innuendoes
   Sexual themes
   It already exists
   Refer to any fand

* Accounts is plural bc the competition is open on Tumblr also:… (where i have entered ofc)


(ps: Vul i hope u don't mind me promoing u bro!!)

Dusky out~ vroom vroom KABOOM!!

im dying squirtle im so lost without my laptop curse my lack of hobbies

in the unlikely event u need me or my art contact me on tumblr 


Apparently I'm at 199 watchers. Doesn't sound like much compared to a lot of others out there but its pretty good!! It'll be cool if i get to 200 before bte's anniversary in a couple of weeks even though im nowhere near as active on here as i am on tumblr. Eh whatever. Tumblr is better bc u get ALL KINDS of shitty content from me. My DA these days is mostly used as a kinda portfolio lmfao

For those of you that (actually read this LOL) don't already my Tumblr is THIS disaster of a place and a badly layed out blog lmao. I'll fix that at some point

Also im sure yall know my webcomics by now since i never shut up so i won't bother linking that lmfao

ANYWAY dusky out~ vroom vroom KABOOM!!
because i can't do polls bc im a pleb who doesn't have premium

BTE is coming up to its 1st anniversary! This month actually!! It's amazing we've been going for this long without a single missed update!! Anyway; should I do something special for it? Not that too many of you actually read it lmao its not popular or anything but to those of you that do it means the world to me!! ;w; But yeah i feel like i should celebrate in some way. Maybe an art raffle or art giveaway or something?? Or just some kinda special comic?? If anyone has any suggestions i'd love to hear them!! c:

Happy Anniversary to my shitty cliche angel comic, but as shitty and cliche as it is I love it so much, and here's to more success in the next year!!

Dusky out~ vroom vroom KABOOM!!

Special thanks to my Co-creators ofc Windy and Unki Without them I could never have made it this far!! Go show them your support too!!
Ok i'm.. not opening them yet im JUST ASKING if i were to open paypal commissions would anyone be interested? My dad is complaining bc I don't have a job yet lmao

They're the same but the one on the Alternite version (2nd one) imo is my favourite. Ironic music. Have u ever seen an angel so bad at his job
i will forever be known as: The croc heeled croc man

truly a legacy

Dusky out~ vroom vroom KABOOM!!
Sooooo Yall might have heard about all the shit on Tapas recently (for those who might not know, the site i publish my comics to) the shit wbt the changing the TOS and then there was a MAJOR backlash so they took it back? yeah tbh im not 100% sure of the details but it has raised my awareness of the situaton on the site. I will continue to operate on there for now, as I mean, my comics are non-profit anyway I do them just because I want to. but i WILL be looking for other options. if a better alternitive for Tap comes up i WILL be moving my comics to there.
I have also toyed with the idea of buying my own domain/website but i don't know shit about codeing so i might screw it up lmao

Anyway just throwing that out there!! If anyone has any suggestions I'm open to them

Cheers and Cheerio~

Dusky out~ Vroom Vroom KABOOM