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Beyond The End by DuskDragonXIII Beyond The End by DuskDragonXIII
Ah yes, my brain has decided i wanna do ANOTHER comic. All thanks to a dream I had. Anyway time to introduce you nerds to Edgy McSpacewing and Horse Dad.
For now their names are Endymion and Roman. End is a fallen angel and Roman is a Centaur. and here's the basic gist of the comic that will most likely be called Beyond The End:

In a world after the end of the world, The only places that exist are Heaven, Hell and Purgatory, where the inhabitants of the previous universe await all together for the world to be born anew into another life. A world reality and fiction collapsed all together with no knowledge of what the world once was, beyond stories and legends. The afterlife is the only life governed by the undying as the boundaries between heaven hell and purgatory are a fraction of what they once were.
A young angel, Endymion, is cast from heaven into purgatory for going against the will of God. There he meets Roman, an outcast Centaurian warrior with nowhere else to go. Endymion wishes to return to heaven purely out of spite and Roman decides to accompany Endymion on his quest to heaven in the hope of proving himself worthy to return to his home. The pair travel through various lands of limbo looking for a way to reach heaven and doing battle with angels, demons and other creatures that may wish to hinder their cause. But they better be careful, as death in the afterlife means there's no chance of resurrection into the newborn world everyone awaits.

Or, y'know something to that effect. I really wanna do it. There's also a Demon with a grudge against hell who I will introduce at a later date named Halcyon. Basically, I really wanna do this comic now bUT I still need to work on Luck too so it won't b for a while. Luck updates on Friday remember!!
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Thank you!!
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July 6, 2016
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