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Another set of brushes for GIMP

[Other brushes by me, on]
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thank you for making the brushes
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I am having problems with the ones on your site, some won't download and I tried with 7zip but to no effect. could you make them .zip format please?
I use these some of these brushes for graphics at my homepage, please have a look: [link]
Oh my gosh! They're awesome! Many thanks!
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Yay, more brushes! Thanks! *:+fav:s you*
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Downloaded, will pass you link, and credit. (:
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Have used here: [link]

And I'd like to state that my name is not Melina. Thank you.
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Thanks for the brushes! Awesome!
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These look so fun!
*downloads and adds them to her huuuuge collection*

I have a few humble sets myself
*points to gallery*

Thanks for sharing these
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These are great, thanks!!
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Cool, but how do I use it?
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Coool thanks!

*:mwahaha: muahahaha! now I can have lots of new brushes to use and control the world!:mwahaha:*
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On windows (if that's what you're using) there should be a "brushes" folder where you installed the GIMP (for example, C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\brushes , but I'm not really sure :( as I don't have Windows). All you'll have to do is to put the *.gbr and *.gih files on this folder. Then when you launch TheGimp, the new brushes will appear.
I hope it helped :)

If you still have some problems you could ask me or ask the question on the Gimp User Group forum ( here: [link] )
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These are nice! :clap: Hopefully they'll not look so blurred when I'll be using them. =)
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these are really nice!! thanks :hug:
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im on a hunt for new brushes lol im gonna try these too
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Automatic Fave!!! :D
Thanks for the new brushes man.
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... et un rien spyché aussi :)
Tu voues un culte à Gimp ma parole :D
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Nan nan, je me contente d'utiliser the GIMP (et uniquement ça, pas de totoshop ni rien) et j'essaye de créer les pinceaux qui me manquent, ou pourraient me manquer :D
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Ca fait Noël !! :)
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