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Children of Bodum



So ... hm, yeah, I'm sorry, this is a terrible pun. Terrrrrible!!! But somehow, it had to be done =p

For those who don't get it: Bodum is a company mostly known for its coffee presses/plungers (sometimes even called Bodum presses even if not from that brand), and coffee-related kitchenware. Hence the guys all holding a coffee cup. (Now, do I really need to explain the Children of Bodom part too?)

:coffeecup: That's what happens when you're drinking coffee (from a french press) late at night, while listening to Children of Bodom. Suddently two neurons decide to have sex in your brain and give birth to that kind of shitty idea (must have been anal sex).

Did I say I was sorry for the Bodom/Bodum pun? Because, really, I'm ashamed of that. Apologies and all. Ashamed ashamed ashamed. Now excuse me while I flog my back with some fresh nettles.

(And if CoB were a band playing grind core I could even add a second pun about "Fine Grind" ... or maybe "Coarse Grind". Well.... *cough*. One bad pun is enough, I guess. )
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