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Greek and Japanese Dusk

A small quick reference pic I thought I’d make.
I know it’s sorta low-budget, though. The drawing of “Japanese Dusk" was actually from months ago and was going to be in a full reference sheet which I haven’t gotten around yet, but just thought I’d make this to show him off early. Also just copied and pasted “Greek Dusk” from his reference sheet, too. Again though, it's just to introduce “Japanese Dusk” in a quick and early way, and to show off a new universe he's from. ^^;

These are two different versions of my main OC Dusk from two alternate universes: Greek Dusk(left) and the new Japanese Dusk(right).
I thought I’d make this to introduce a new version of my character as well as a new universe and story he's in.

About Japanese Dusk
So pretty much, this is the Dusk that’s from the land of the rising sun, Japan. Instead of Demetri too, his real name will be “Daisuke” which is Japanese for “great helper”.

In this universe though, he's not a demigod. He’s instead an Okuri-inu, a Japanese yokai wolf.
Yes, in this universe, Japanese yokai are involved. There'll be okuri-inu, kitsune, tanuki, etc.

More info:
-Dusk still has RakeshWolf’s Rakesh and Pokemon-All-4-One’s Donnie as his biological brothers.
-There'll be old friends(Vernados, Kyrra, etc.) from the original/Greek universe as Japanese folk, and there'll be new friends who’ll be yokai too.
-Dusk will still be a shapeshifter, but will also have new powers and abilities too.
-As you can see in the pic, while his eyes are still green, they mostly resemble anime eyes.
-As you can see too, his fur is different and his fur color is darker. This is just my take on what Dusk would look like as an okuri-inu, too.

Reasons for this:
Well, alongside Greek mythology, I also admire Japanese culture, its folklore and its yokai. I'm really not big into anime though (no offense), but still. I also like their food from Japanese restaurants too like sushi, ramen, gyoza, etc. I also admire Japan for their culture like kimonos, their language which is indeed beautiful, their designs on stuff and their music. As for the music though, I mainly like the ones made for DDR or In The Groove. Yes, I’ve played DDR since my childhood. But anyways, I especially like songs from 猫叉(Nekomata)Master and Ryu☆, and I have them in my Favorites along with all other kinds of short songs from DDR, In The Groove, etc.…
Yeah. DDR and In The Groove music [b]inspires[/b] me. They've even remade/resang songs we know or remember too like “Come Clean”, “We Will Rock You” and “Makes Me Wonder”.
Anyways, I also especially admire Japanese yokai. I've looked them up and I found them really unique and interesting, from kitsune to tanuki and from kamaitachi(yokai weasels) to bakeneko(yokai cats). I also already imagine ideas for new OCs with those species, too. Japanese yokai, in my opinion, are really amazing. :)
As you can see on my profile too, I have Pokemon and Yoshi characters and I thought I’d make them Japanese by their names so far. I just thought it'd be cool if they were from where their species and franchises were created originally, Japan.

I've played Google's Doodle Champion Island Games too and it was absolutely fun. I got all trophies in it, too. :)

Lastly, I like their landscapes, gardens, sakura trees, nature photos, etc. Like this for example:…

Anyways, hope you so far like this and Japanese Dusk, AKA Daisuke “Dusk”. He'll have clothes too whenever I can do his reference sheet. If I could ever find the time, though. ^^; Whenever I can make a full ref sheet for J.Dusk too, this one will go in my Scraps.

Demetri “Dusk”, Daisuke “Dusk” & art © me
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