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Daisuke 'Dusk'

A new reference sheet I made.

This is pretty much the complete version of who I called Japanese Dusk, who I introduced here:…

This is my character Dusk from an alternate universe, where he's from Japan an a yokai. This is Daisuke "Dusk".


Name: Daisuke "Dusk"

Age: +18

Species: Okuri-inu (Yokai/Demon Wolf)

Gender: Male

Nationality: Japanese

Powers/Abilities: Samurai/Ninja(might show off soon), Telekinesis, Shapeshifting, Ghost Fire

More Info about Daisuke "Dusk":
-In this universe, Dusk isn't a demigod or son of any god.
-Again this Dusk is from Japan and, of course, he knows Japanese.
-This Dusk has a similar wolf form too, but his fur is darker.
-While, again, not a demigod, this Dusk is still a shapeshifter since yokai shapeshift too.
-Dusk is different from most other okuri-inu. He'd follow and watch over travels at night time like they do, but mostly to protect them. When they trip or fall to the ground though, instead of attack or kill them, he'd do something generous like help them off.
-He craves certain Japanese food like ramen, omurice, gyoza, sushi, etc.
-He still has a family in this universe.
He still has Aretha as his biological mother, but she's not a nymph. Her name would instead be "Asami", too.
Universe 3 Cerin(CerinHero2000) would still be his stepfather, too.
Rakesh(RakeshWolf) and Donnie(Pokemon-All-4-One) would still be his brothers as well.
-While having yokai powers as well, he'd also train as either a samurai or a ninja. Not fully sure which. Either way, he'd wield a katana and be skilled at it.
-He'd have the same casual clothes as from the Greek universe, but mainly with different colors. Thought I'd give his clothes a new look to make him different from Greek Dusk.
-I really don't know yet about what kimonos and yukatas are for, but just thought I’d draw Dusk in a yukata this time since it's more simple-looking. ^^; I usually don't do all that much research. ._.

Info about this Japanese World:
-In this universe, there are good yokai like Dusk, and there are evil menacing yokai who he and his friends are willing to defend the world and the human race from.
-The story involves yokai from Japanese folklore and will pretty much be like Luca.

I guess that's all I have so far. I think this whole ref sheet came out pretty good, too. I might update it and also draw in Dusk in a ninja outfit, though. Depends.
Hope you guys like it and this new alternate universe version of Dusk.

Daisuke "Dusk" & art (c) me
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Do you still do art request?

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cutie dusk always