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Brotherly Love?

Just some quick art I made while I'm still busy with commissions. Doesn't look all that great though nor is it shaded because I just thought I'd get this out of the way.

Radian is back...I guess. And here he is with Dusk.
This, though, is just to show off Dusk's relationship with Radian in the story. Radian isn't a bully though nor is he mean to Dusk. He's actually a good caring older brother, and he's willing to bond with Dusk. Dusk though...isn't enthused about him. He's really not interested in his older brother nor does he find him fun. To him, Radian's just not the older brother he could look up to or could even call family. Dusk just pretty much finds him uninteresting.
Btw yes, I'm calling him Radian(with an "a", not an "e") again and he has blue eyes again like he was originally made.
Not much else to say, though. I'm thinking of making Radian into a joke character.
Hope you like this I guess.

Dusk, Radian & art (c) me
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