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$20 Baxter The Wolf [CLOSED]

A fourth adoptable character I made.

This was a character idea I had for a long time and was originally going to replace my old former character Shadow.…
This is Baxter, an anthro wolf mercenary. He's actually a human-turned-wolf, too.

This was the plot I've always had in mind for him:
As a human, Baxter (insert last name) was a well-trained dangerous soldier serving his country. He could use all kinds of guns and was well-trained with a katana. He fought in and survived wars too, and he was pretty much the best the army had. One day though, unfortunately and tragically, he was badly ijnured in the line of duty and was in critical condition, clinging to life. In order to save his life, the military switched his brain/body with a wolf. It took so time for him to get used to his new furry body though but at some point, he was able to fight again and be back in the battlefield. He was still the best mercenary the army had.

Yeah, not sure if that makes sense, but the plot's optional. You can keep, changed or make adjustments to it if you want. Not my best writing anyways. :P

$20 Baxter Adopt
-After you buy him, he's yours and you're welcome to do whatever you want with him!
-Do NOT claim the design as your own! Credit me for it!
-If you want him and have the money, note me here or DM me on Discord!

CLOSED! Sold to Purpleninja290 on FA.…

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