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$15 Adoptable Goth Gengar [CLOSED]

Character  Gengar (Pokemon)
Another new adoptable character I made.

I know this doesn't look all that special, but this time it's an female anthro goth Gengar. I know her hair doesn't look all that great or probably not gothic, but whoever buys and adopts her can change or make her hairstyle to whatever they want. In fact, you can do whatever you want with her after you adopt her.

$15 Goth Gengar Adopt
-After you buy her, she's yours and you're welcome to do whatever you want with her!
-Do [b]NOT[/b] claim the design as your own! Credit me for it!
-If you want her and have the money, note me or DM me on Discord!
-I know she's not wearing clothes. You can give her whatever clothing you want after you adopt her!

SOLD! Owner is :icondrackoistaken:.

art (c) me
Gengar & Pokemon series (c) Game Freak Inc.
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