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The new world order

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Reminds me a setting I was planning to use for adventures of tabletop RPG, based in World of Darkness. Never used it.

Premisse was that: Gaia calls the most graduated elders in the world, and gives them the task to reinstaure the Impergium. All tribes get the same directive, and until they do the task no new garrou will be born. The spiritual world is backing the plan, of course, so they start doing it.

Humanity is almost exterminated, whit vampires, mages+technocracy, holding what is left in city-states. And small settlements of parents of werebeasts remaining under the protection of their cousins.

The numbers of humans grow low enough to satisfy the Godless. And a deal is made. Humans will stay in the urban areas (will have to farm in them too) and will keep their population limited to the numbers defined by werewolves (according to what their spiritual power say). The werewolves will not enter the city unless the humans brake their rules, but if they do they will destroy everything and kill everyone. And any human outside the city is as good as dead.

In order to keep numbers low without have to restrict births the mayors stablish an agency in every city with the mission of shot people from the top of buildings. The public snipers get a number of people to shot every day, a list of spots to choose for the day, and they must do that job. Without killing any particular person on purpose (is not an free pass for personal vengeance).

Naturally, vampires, werewolves, and mages are no longer hidden in any way. The supernatural is pretty much in the open now. Whit vampires and mages being essential part of the state-city structure that keeps survival viable.

I was my "near futuristic" setting for Vampire the Masquerade, with a New World Order of werewolves. Plan was to play stories with players being municipal snipers. Or starting as such, and perhaps becoming vampires.