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Skadi Goddess of North

book cover artwork, for more info contact me on my e mail,
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You should do more arts with norse goddesses. Freya and Hel would be amazing😍

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Skadi is such an amazing character I'm definitely gonna use her as the main character in my kick ass novel series on Norse mythology and what that novel series is gonna be about is that it's gonna be about WW2 Nazis going up against beings of Norse mythology like the Aesir such as Odin and Thor and getting their asses kicked and It's gonna be epic!
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that is great! i totally agree with you

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I must share this with my wife, she will get a real treat viewing this amazing piece of artwork!

nicely done indeed!

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:D :D :D Thank you so much man :D I hope she will like it :)

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Oh, VERY much so!

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Amazing , but from what I remember Skadi has a spear , not a bow ... but its majestic af
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this looks amazing.
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Love the design of the outfit... Absolutely Gorgeous!
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Man what a Truly Epic work of art Wow!
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heath and ice in the same drawing. Nice and epic, I love it ! 
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So cosplaying this one day.
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Superior work, beautifully done.
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Really Great work mate!
Keep it up!
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thank you my friend, I'll give my best :)
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thank you very much!
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You're welcome :hug:
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