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Betty and Veronica Just a Peek

By DurtySpork
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Here's a commission piece i did of Betty and Veronica from the Archie comics.
I've always known that there was something going on between them two :)
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No wonder Veronica visits Betty as she volunteers at the library. Veronica us always looking for an upskirt on Betty.

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So naughty but very nice😊
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Naughtiness at it's finest.:D (Big Grin) 
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This reminds me of a 1970s magazine photo spread (Penthouse, if I remember right), though it did have a nerdy guy (a Dilton type), but with this, it looks like Betty and Veronica could just fine by themselves.
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I could imagine Miss Grundy peeking in from behind a nearby bookshelf... :stare:
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in which countries do school girls dress like this?
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So bad...but adorable
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Oy vey, why the watermark?!
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Prevent Copyright
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These two are so cute
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Beautiful girls :) The one on the ladder looks ticklish ;) I love her tiptoes ;)
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Sexy love Betty's panties
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  Tham are very better that on the comics or toons! :drool:  Congratulations! :clap:
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Yeah, I think I prefer them with underwear.
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==0_0== YES!!! Now this is perfect!! Hope to see more of this from you!!
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I always knew they were whores...
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The secret is out! :D
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Yup, same goes for Wilma and Betty...
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PSSST! Just saw your "other version".... [link] Congrats on both!:love::clap:
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Wow! my profiles and work is all over the place!
I personally like the clothed version. I'm always all for no clothes, but I think it's still fun to put the imagination to work :)
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8-) And also hope :devart:'s admins/mods don't become strict!

Anyway, congrats on all your ARCHIE works. :clap::clap: :clap:
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