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Giant Lego Castle

This is the Lego Project I have been working on for several years. I said I'd show this so that everyone could see what I was up to besides not creating any art. This project was created so that I could showcase my building talents to those who wanted to see it. I a way though, this does have an artistic quality to it just like other architectural creations. Mine just happens to be on a smaller scale.

Speaking of scale, this creation is almost 4 feet wide, almost 6 ft long and over 3 feet tall.

Other pictures can be seen here:…

The story of the castle is as follows:

This is the castle of the blue king. The family symbol is the lion. Along with his queen, they have 5 daughters, one of which is due to get married soon. There are other families that live with them along with all the servants that they require. In back of the castle there is the large sand castle that was created for the kids. There are also the pair of docks and forts that keep an eye on the sea. For added protection, the castle has enlisted the aid of the Sea King who, with the help of the merfolk and other aquatic creatures, summon a giant sea beast to protect the shore. The Merkings that help also have their support in their MerNinjas.

The castle is very hospitable by having all the amenities needed. The throne room is the center of attention being in the middle of the castle. There is two kitchens, along with two dining rooms. Each dining room serves a different function. the formal one is for the royals to host elaborate feast for visiting dignitaries. The other is a casual dining room for the knights and more relaxed events. In each dining room there is a large fish tank that grabs the attention of all who dine. Outside the proper of the castle, there is the various shops and entertainment that line the inside of the outer walls. Blacksmiths, archery ranges, inns, stables, shops selling food and other items can all be found in the castle grounds. There is also a grand fountain outside for all the people to enjoy as they go about their daily business.

On the 2nd floor of the main part of the castle is the sleeping quarters of the royal family. The king, queen, and their 5 daughters rest here. Outside on this level, the armored guards keep an eye on the horizon for trouble when it comes. In support, the celestial knights also keep vigil making sure the royal family sleeps in peace.

Above the royal family is the rest of the castle that houses the royal wizards who experiment with magic and always push the boundaries of knowledge. They found a portal and transported it to the castle where a friendly Yeti happened to come through the portal when it was activated by the wizards. Sometimes the sun from the other world can be seen shining through it's threshold.

Above the wizards of the castle, is where the sorceress' live. They are the crazy aunts of the queen. The King promised to care for the women in their old age. They care for their eerie purple vines and spend their nights talking and eating. Next to the sorceress den is the pair of bat hovels. The manbats provide more protection for the castle and help with carrying some prisoners to the prison towers that are on top of the castle. Currently a pair of nasty genies are imprisoned there.

Speaking of prisons, below the castle on the ground floor houses the dungeons. The dungeons provide an obstacle between raids and the main part of the castle. The guards patrol this area heavily. Making fun of the prisoners from above is just a perk for the guards. Under the castle itself lies the treasure chambers where all the riches are stored. The pathways down below twist and turn and a few lost souls have found their way to the sewer area under the castle only to die there without finding the treasures.

The visiting group of royalty is the Red King and his family and troops. The red king has brought his son to marry the princess of the Blue King. The marriage will unite the two lion families and create a stronger force to combat the evils that lurk beyond the castle.

Among those evils are the dark black dragon hordes along with their monstrous legions. There are trolls, ogres, naga women, skeletons, evil dwarves, evil knights, evil warlocks, evil witches and wolfpack thieves. They are all after the royal families and their wealth. The evil hordes were never satisfied with sharing, they wanted everything for themselves and never cared about anyone else.
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:OoO: Impressive, how did you do that? (What Kind of Bricks did you used and from which Sets (Most of them would be probably Castle Sets)?)
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Thank you.

In order to build it, I used elements from as many themes as I could. Of course there is the castle elements, but I also used Atlantis, Elves, Chima, Monster Fighters, Ninjago, Power Miners, Space, Belville, Adventurers, Pharaoh's Quest, Pirates, Vikings, Western, and a few other themes that I've collected over the years. I wanted to show that any theme could be incorporated into any other style away from that theme. I was especially proud to include the trans purple vine panes at the top of the castle that were from Belville sets.

And many of the minifigs came from all the different themes including the collectable series minifigs.
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It's about 3 ft tall. Thanks for looking.
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Wow...just big is it?
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wow that is quite a biggish mighty castle...
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And the new version has gotten even bigger.
MushroomBrain's avatar
cool, I ahve made quite a large one my self now...
Dursagon's avatar
Would love to see a pic of it.
MushroomBrain's avatar
it might show up here some day...
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holy great castle
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Dursagon's avatar
yukidogzombie's avatar
oh my i so want that
Dursagon's avatar
Thank you. I worked hard on it!
yukidogzombie's avatar
you're welcome it must be so much fun to play with
It's me montrell henderson waiting patintly for how you do it please tell me
Dursagon's avatar
I don't know how to answer you. I built it like someone would a house. I tinkered and tinkered until I got everything just the way I liked...
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Impressive, hands down!
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Np! Legos are awesome! :D
Dursagon's avatar
EVERYTHING is awesome! (Sings the Lego Movie theme song)
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Holy crap.

Love the interior pics!

How in the world is this going to be transported for the con? You said you're taking that somewhere in July?
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The secret is that I made it modular. The top comes off at the roof of the 2nd story and the roof of the sorceress den comes off too. Then the lower part separates into 5 sections. The dungeons which are the shortest parts on the outsides come off and the middle main sections are 3 pieces. Then the ocean and docks separate from the back and the section in front of the castle with the archery and visiting army separate into smaller squares. Even though I can break it down into smaller sections, it still almost doesn't fit into a 2010 Nissan Pathfinder.
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