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Vinyl Scratch vector

Included for the sake of completeness, here's DJ PON-3 AKA Vinyl Scratch. I suggest visiting :iconmoongazeponies:'s gallery since this is just a revectoring of their work. It's much better than this one so go and fav it now. Also check out the rest of their stuff while you're there.

For the MS Paint version click HERE.

AGAIN, This is a recolor using :iconmoongazeponies:'s Vinyl Scratch vector as a base. I only claim credit for any recoloring of said work.

Be sure to look at :iconkefkafloyd:'s color guides. Pretty handy. I use them for much of my work.

- Durpy/MuffinKing

My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, and all related characters © Hasbro
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I hope you don't mind but I used your Vector here:
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how do u do the vector? I always try and it doesn't work
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Used it here: [link]
I have put a link to this and your profile. ;)
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Such a sweet-lookin' Pon-3 deserves all the wubs!
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used it here
thnx alot
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Great vector, I use it here:[link] check it out.
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Thanks but you should really thank MoongazePonies. Mine was just based on theirs and is kind of sloppy. I plan on updating it soon but I'd recommend visiting their gallery. They have lots of nice stuff. =)
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I'm sorry to dissapoint you but...
There is an Error on Vinyl's Coat (Skin Colour)
The Colou looks like a Off-White.
But it's ok. Just sayin' in the Kindest/Friendliest way possible.
Sorry if I dissapointed you.
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The colors are from :iconkefkafloyd:'s color guide and are an interpretation of what her actual colors may be.
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Well, in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon, you could see that her Coat color is White (like Rarity's)
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While I lean toward Kefka's interpretation of her having a yellow tinted coat in the show, they have made a toy of her that does look white. I'll have to see what sort of (if any)art they use for her. Once I get ahold of the figure, I'll most likely change the colors back to white.
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