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Changeling vector

By Durpy
One of Queen Chrysalis' changelings. I really like their design and hope they show up again in future episodes.

The PSD below contains the above vector as well as the armor from the armored version.

PSD Download

For an MS Paint version click HERE.

- Durpy/MuffinKing

My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, and all related characters © Hasbro
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hello this person is using your vector but isnr giving credit
Changelings vs My mane 6 by TheStoryTeller2001
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"We don't wanna go to war today! But the mare of the lash says nya-nya! We're going to fight all day and night and more. For we are the slaves of the dark queen's roar!" 

The first people a tyrant conquers is their own. 
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This was used in my Lecture~…

Thanks so much for the pic!
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Hello there! Listen I was wondering…is it all right if I use this like a base? I want to make a changeling OC but I can't find a lot of bases. Sweating a little... 
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Very nice! And I'm glad I could be of service.
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God changelings are just so cute!
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Used it as a base to design my own changeling, hope that's ok. I gave u credit of course.
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I've used this in my icon for the group, Changeling Love, I hope that's all right! :)
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This is a really cool Changeling pic, can I use it? Given that I remember to give you credit.
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You're welcome. =)
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derp 100th comment
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i actaully want to use this in a shirt idea i wana do lol
for a Tshirt contest on welovefine would you mind if i use it? X3
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Used this, and another one here! [link]
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