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The Edmund Fitzgerald

The Edmund Fitzgerald was a Cargo Ship Lost on November, 10, 1975, in a storm on Lake Superior. 29 souls lost their lives...this was dedicated to them.
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There's a line from the Gordon Lightfoot song that asks, "Does Anyone Know Where The Love of God Goes, When The Waves Turn The Minutes To Hours?" The essence of that line is captured in all it terrifying implications here.
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I always tear up when I hear that line.
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Dude you're so right!
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A terrible tragedy, it was.
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I don't know why but learning about this was mandatory at my school

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Amazing work. This was an enormous tragedy, one that must be remembered. This is a truly great piece to keep her crew’s memory alive.
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the oddest part of this, was the fact they al disappeared.  And rumor was the three sisters were behind it as well.
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That must have been terrifying for the crew. What scares me is that, if a crewmate didn't sink with the ship, he would've had to deal with trying to stay afloat in the frezing water, with the storm....
With a load of iron ore
twenty-six-thousand tons more
than the Edmund Fitzgerald weighed empty

That good ship and crew was a bone to be chewed
When the gales of November came early...
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All the children along the lakes know the sad tale.

Silly coasties and folks along the Gulf of Mexico think they know what bad weather is.
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What a horrifying, beautiful image.  You really caught the sense of peril.
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Incredible art! Such a great tribute to such a sad loss.
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Living in "The Mitten" ... we know all about The Great Iron Ore freighter.  Nice Piccy!
this one I like dureall!! It bring back memories. No relation of any of the crews. You can't help but wonder what those poor men went threw? I went too the boat museum upper UP  studied the cost guard reports. Books on some others at Vally Camp freighter. Bottom line? Hatch, shoal reef, went thew a wall of water and never came out the other end? I use to she wonder full ship pass by time to time, when she pass by my area. Thank You for sharing this wonder full art workbe doo be doo be doo  
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this is absolutely amazing. May all those who's live were lost rest in peace, and may their families have settlement.
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Very Nice!
My great-great-great-great-great uncle was an oiler in her engine room, and he was going to retire after that voyage. Sadly, he never made it home to his family. In addition, my US History & Government teacher's uncle was a crewmember of the Arthur M. Anderson, the ship that had the last radio contact with the Fitz. My teacher also spent several summers working on the Burlington Northern ore dock in Superior, Wisconsin, loading ore boats. Several times he loaded the Anderson.
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The Edmund Fitzgerald reminds me of my father because he introduced me to the song by Gordon Lightfoot quite a few years ago... i'm listening to it now.

Beautiful picture :)
Hi Dureall...please contact me at if you're in interested in licensing this photo to us for a National Geographic Learning (educational publishing) textbook. Hope to here from you soon.
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Yes I am. Email sent. Thanks!
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It is just so incredible that a Great Lake can make such enormous waves!!!
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I now want to listen to Gordon Lightfoot
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Wow. This is epic. I can not even begin to imagine the hell those 29 men went through. I only hope it was over quickly.
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