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Hannibal: Prey

caught you little mongoose


I'm sorry for submitting so much because I'm sad I haven't watched episode 2 yet ;A;
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you are one of the artists that convinced me to watch this show. There was an article with this picture in it.
Durch-Leiden-Freude's avatar
thank you! that's good! welcome to the fandom dear :heart:
sans-coeur97's avatar
welcome! Also thanks :D
Zarim369's avatar
I love how you made that coat of Hannibal!!!
xVentressx's avatar
*reads the description*I think Invader Zim just invaded my brain:3
herbertsgirl's avatar
Hey this art was in an Internet article! Did you see? [link] They gave you credit of course but I was wondering if you knew about it.
Durch-Leiden-Freude's avatar
i actually did ^^ she asked for my permission
herbertsgirl's avatar
That's good :) and after I asked you that I was looking through some art and saw that she did so I felt kind of awkward :iconsweatdropplz:
herbertsgirl's avatar
Okay you are seriously making me want to watch this show! Maybe I'll watch it during the weekend!
Durch-Leiden-Freude's avatar
YOU SHOULD! It's a really good show! ;)
Moon-Light-Sky's avatar
Episode 2!!!! <333
This show is so unfair, how can a psychotic killer be so dame likable? I wonder if its intentional on the writers part to make us wonder if every time Hannibal makes a meal if he's feeding people other people . . .
I love how protective Hannibal is of Will. Is it bad that I wanted him to kill that reporter b*ch?
I'm so shipping this two, I love this show so much <3
Durch-Leiden-Freude's avatar
I really wanted that bitch to die! god I was chanting 'kill her kill her' >_<
Moon-Light-Sky's avatar
I know right?! I was thinking 'will some one just shoot this woman already?!' I was so disappointed when she lived -3-
But aside from that the episode was awesome! I love Will and Hannibal's conversations, and the hints of protectiveness over Will when that reporter b*ch was writing about him >~<
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hi! i'd like to use this fanart for an article i'm writing on hannibal fandom, if that's okay! i will cite you as the artist with a link back to your dA account! Please let me know if that's not okay! Thank you! :) - Aja / [link]
Durch-Leiden-Freude's avatar
Oh sure I won't mind! :)
MoochingLeech's avatar
Ahhh I missed episode two! (I passed out 10 minutes into it) but I'm watching online.

Anyways, this is so beautiful!! Ahhh ! I cannot take my eyes off it! :)
Durch-Leiden-Freude's avatar
THANK YOU! oh god I saw episode two just recently and askjfhdskrgjhdf THEY ARE ABIGAIL'S NEW 2 GAY DADS~!
JAW5IE's avatar
asdfg neither have I! Im just about to watch it though ;A;
and stop drawing amazing art asdfg i need to draw something ughh
Durch-Leiden-Freude's avatar
Oh i will NEVER STOP DRAWING THEM. NEVER until it gets cancelled or season 1 ends
hehehe! god hannibal was made to be a vampire and will as his prey!!
JAW5IE's avatar
aasdfghj ITS STARTING, I'm watching it online because sadley england sucks
and doesn't have NBC, sadness. GOOD, you gotta keep drawing them omg
if the show gets cancelled i will cry, ITS THE ONLY GOOD AND EXCITING THING
HAPPENING IN MY LIFE. sdfgh im gonna go and draw some fanart after im done
because i'll be filled with hannigram feels. ;A;
Durch-Leiden-Freude's avatar
we have axnAsia but it will still show on MONDAY ;A; I think maybe I'll download it tomorrow torrentIknowitsBAD then watch it again on tv ;A;
I NEED TO KNOW GAAAAAH! and yes if it gets cancelled I'll really really be SAD.
JAW5IE's avatar
[link] this is how i'm watching it! ;u;
YOU SHOULD TRY AND WATCH IT NOW, its pretty good quality ; O ;
Durch-Leiden-Freude's avatar
OHMYGOOOOOOOOOOOOD THANK YOUUUUUU! I'll go and watch it even if my net connection is so slow ;A;
JAW5IE's avatar
Yeee your welcomee! :'DD so its mine but it seems alright!
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