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Troodon formosus

By Durbed
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My new rendition of the dinobird using an okapi-like color scheme, as I was suggested here: [link] plausible or not, I thought it was an interesting concept.

This is supposed to be a preview since I wasn´t in the mood do draw any background, but I´ll probably add something later, or in the next version; I´ll see.
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Do you do commissions by chance?
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Nope, sorry.
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Since I inspired this deviation, I pretty much have to favorite it. ;) Besides that, I really like how it came out. My only nitpick is that you provided the wrong link (It should be this 1: [link] ).

BTW, would you consider drawing an anaconda-colored Kritosaurus & a monitor-colored Parksosaurus? I ask b/c those were Gardom & Milner's other 2 dino color speculations (See the following quote for their reasoning) & I'd like to see your version of them too.

Quoting Gardom & Milner ( [link] ): "A medium-sized hadrosaur like Kritosaurus would have spent much of its time browsing on ferns and low bushes under the forest canopy. A dappled skin colour of greens and yellows, like an anaconda, would have been ideal to camouflage its low body among the sunsplashed vegetation on the ground. When it sensed danger Kritosaurus might well have frozen still, just as bushbuck do, in order to blend into the forest and remain unnoticed. Parksosaurus , browsing in the same forest, might perhaps have developed a more definite skin pattern like a striped monitor lizard to keep itself concealed as it passed through broken areas of light and shade."
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Sure, why not. I was really thinking of drawing more ornithopods lately, they're a bit abandoned. Glad you liked it!
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AAAAAwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks alot more poofey and more feathery than it is usually depicted. I like it!!
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wow ! The colors are fantastic ! I really really like the color scheme !

Awesome work and idea !
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Amazing paleoart.
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Thanks for the compliment!
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That color scheme looks really great. I love it. :D
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Hehe, I love how the black eye marking looks like a curved horn. The okapi pattern definitely looks believable on a troodontid. :)
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Thanks ;). The horn thing was unintentional though (I was thinking of an owl "eyebrow"), but you´re right.
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Fantastic. WooooooW. Amazing.
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