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Stegosaurus armatus

AKA "Stegodzilla" or my updated version of this classic ornitischian. Details like the spiky keratin ridges covering the bone plates are a bit inpired by Todd Marshall amazing rendition (not sure how accurate this could be, but seems reasonable enough for me). I spent some time trying to figure out some color scheme that for me worked as well as the classic green body + red plates, which is practically a stegosaur meme. Sigh. I guess I could have been a bit more imaginative.
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Armatus...did you draw it off a skeletal or a mounted specimen or something? I'd like a link to it if possible. 
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Great! I like my Stegosaurs extra spiny!
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Very nice! :nod: I like how you did the plates! :)
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Great work! More of that, please :D
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Beautiful! Stegosaurus is my favourite dinosaur.
But I have a problem, your work shows the plate arrangement of S.armatus is paired in a double row , and I saw this arrangement in many drawings... Is this a results of recent studies?
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No; Stegosaur plates indeed formed a single row along the back, alternating angled positions rather than jutting straight up in paired rows. The plates were attached to the spine, so for a stegosaur to have double rows running down it's back it'd need two spines.
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Oh, I see what your saying. So I hope :icondurbed: does.
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He said the apparent double rows on this reconstruction resulted from the difficult artistic perspective, which I can understand. I'm terrible at angular drawing myself, and any attempt I could give at drawing a stegosaur at this angle would result in a far inferior product.
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Ah, I see. And I get that.
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Not really, just because of the perspective I guess it can look like theyre closer to each other and some almost paired :). I think might have screwed it up a bit anyway, I could move some of them along the back.
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