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Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus

The Fisher King!

I used as a reference the updated skeletal reconstruction by Scott Hartman [link], and another paleontologist depiction based on recent fossil evidence: [link]. This is the new Spinosaurus, a short-limbed waddling giant whose enormous sail/hump extended almost up to 2/3 of its body lenght.

I think this might be my best work so far, or atleast the most realistic looking. Its also the first time I experiment with water reflections, and I´m reasonably happy with the results.
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Nice job!

In my opinion at least, this is pretty good for the current Spinosaurus, as the legs seem short enough and the tail deep enough to match the Ibrahim et al. 2020 model even though this is from 2012.

Definitely one of the most accurate and nicely done reconstruction of this unusual theropod. I will watch you.
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Awesome reconstruction :nod:
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Best Spinosaurus yet!
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This is a fish nightmare!
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This is one of my favorite theropods (Carcharodontosaurus is my fav), but this is a really unique reconstruction, half-colored.
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This is really cool! :omfg: But how did you manage to create every little scale in detail:?
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That is some seriously creative camoflage. I really, really like it! Well done. The pose is very imposing but majestic and the restoration looks pretty spot on in accuracy.
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Wonderful work on the head, the colours are well chosen.
I think it's quite funny, that those new Spinosaurs happen to have short limbs because I always made them short-limbed following the example of their modern counterparts (bears) and the advice of ~Kronosaurus82.
The sky is a photo isn't it?
The work on the water is quite well done, but looks a little bit too chewy, little bit like quicksilver.
The Spinosaurus' anatomy looks also quite accurate, only point is the tail. I don't think it could be bended like this at the tailbase, that seems implausible.
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I made the sky blending different brushes, which I believe are originally taken from photos. As for the tail, I also think the bending angle could be smoother, maybe its due to a wrong shading/lightning. Maybe I´ll try to change that.

I think there are good arguments to favour both long and short legs in Spinosarus. Long hindlimbs would give it the advantadge to "walk" in deeper waters and more space to maneouver and snap on fishes like a heron, while the short ones would be better for balance while he is on dry land; considering its probably the largest bidedal creature ever to walk on earth. I reckon the later are more plausible, though the animal still look a bit "wrong" and off balanced, there is still any chance that those hindlimbs actually belong to a younger specimen?
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Nice depiction. Wonderful job with the scales. The head is wonderful.
Good for you to follow Maganuco and Bonadonna's work, it's worth it ;)
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Thanks gentleman! :P

It truly is, I´d like to see more of their stuff.
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You can find some of Boadonna's works on his website: [link] ;)
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the most beautiful Spino I've seen sofar
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Very nicely done rendition, it really shows just how bizarre an animal Spinosaurus truly was. :)

Hmm, I thought that Spino' in the second link looked familiar. The life-size replica based on it is quite impressive.
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