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Revisiting T. Rex (2016 Edition)



And more concretely FMNH PR 2081, also known as "Sue".

In the light of recent discoveries I thought it was a good moment to update again my Tyrant lizard, specially in regards to its integument. The feather coat is more extensive than the older versions (but less than Yutyrannus, as it seems natural) and also differently arranged. Something that doesn´t convince me about some feathered Tyrannosaurus depictions I´ve seen around (including my own) is how the feathers look almost uniformly long and thick all along the body, and the transition between those and the scaly or naked skin seem too abrupt, giving some sense of artificiality. I felt like some kind of layered, messy (following the example of some ratite birds) and different sized feather arrangement that progressively becomes more sparse until it vanishes in the underside of the body could work better, and help to make the feathers look more realistic and integrated into the animals body. Lets hope it could also help someone to become more accepting of this -once thought- wild and unlikely concept of fuzzy big theropods...

Edited: pictured updated after more recent and rigorous studies and skeletal drawings. Before you ask, yes, it is mildly inspired by Saurian's Tyrannosaurus.
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The feet are oversized here. It's a good thing that you reduced the leg length, but you did it without reducing the size of the feet, which is incorrect. You can check that the size of the feet are smaller in this version: img13.deviantart.net/92b4/i/20… than in this version: 1.bp.blogspot.com/-9EXibr4W1Ig… and in your version.