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A disoriented Daspletosaurus being surprised by a raging Pentaceratops.
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being "surprised"
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The look on that daspletosaur's face, he looks like he doesn't care. 😆
Excellent! Even though Bistaheiversor was more plausible than Daspletosaurus.
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Pentaceratops, smash!!!:D:B
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Oh man...The body of Daspletosaurus is thrown away like some trash
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You wanna eat me, HOW BOUT MY HORN UP YOUR ASS!!!
TyrannosaurusPrime's avatar
Now that's what I call a pain in the ass!:XD::lol:
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nice background. Like the lone bald tree.
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:O_o: Youch! Love all the detail put into it like in the pentaceratops' frill. =D
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Thanks! glad you like it . :)
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your welcome! =D ... I bet that predators gonna think twice when he wants to go after a fully armed prey, eh? ;)
Durbed's avatar all this fight depictions you see around the tend to win too often for my taste. :) Give ornitischians some chance!
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Right on! let the little guys...well, they aren't so little but in comparison to their predator... ^^;.... get a chance to show what they got. =D
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Whoah. That's an awesome pose. Love it.
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Thank you very much. :)
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It's nice to see a tyrranosaur get beat every once in while. They weren't unstoppable!
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Indeed. I bet this happened more often than lot of people think (maybe not in the same exact way though)
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prey wins! Flawless victory!
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