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Olorotitan arharensis

About time! I always wanted to draw this beautiful lambeosaurine from the Late Cretaceous of east asia, but somehow managed to skip it every time. Ah, damn theropods.

You don´t see many rearing duckbills these days, despite their more than facultative bipedalism. It´s not like they probably did it very often anyway, and in the case of long limbed and relatively long-necked ones like the "gigantic Swan" they wouldn´t need it too much. But well, seemed like a good oportunity to depict one. Bipedal hadrosaurs are part of my childhood, after all.
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Wonderful. Agreed that Olorotitan is among the most beautiful hadrosaurids/saurolophids.
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Still resisting the hand claws, I see. =P
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wow so this dino does exist
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Wow, man. This is stunning.
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Thanks, I think its my best ornitischian so far.
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Looks fantastic, the coloration on the crest is my favorite detail.
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Thanks, I think the head the best part, still not sold on the darker coloration of the body.
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Absolutely beautiful! This is probably my favorite hadrosaur. Imagine what it would have sounded like.
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My second favourite lanbeosaurine. :) I think the call may be like a trombone played out of tune and less deep than Parasaurolophus: [link]
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my favourite hadrosaur! =)
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Nice job on the face especially.
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Oh wow! This is very lovely, nice work :dance:.
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