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A south american allosaurid armed with enormous claws!
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I noticed the style was familiar, then I looked at some of your other work...dude this is epic! Why don't I recall you posting this up in your thread? It's excellent! Why has nobody commented on this!
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The one in JPL?

Glad you like it! its quite sketchy though, like a lot of my older stuff...gotta finish it someday, now that I have better painting skills..
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Yeah, the one on JPL. Eh, if I wanted to be really hard on my critique, I guess it could be touched up in a few places, particularly in blending the abdominal and shoulder scales better and making the outline of the jawline more noticeable. Perhaps touch up the line art and the coloration around the line art in a few places, but otherwise it's fine.
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You´re right on everything. Other things like the protuding ribs have to disappear in the new version as well. I´m almost ashamed of all this colored stuff that I made back in the day when I was a newbie with digital painting, but hey its part of the learning curve, I guess...