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Majungasaurus crenatissimus

By Durbed
A Majungasaurus wondering why that Rahonavis just landed on its back.

Reference used: [link]§ion=&global=1&q=majungasaurus#/d1gbu1y
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I really like this piece, the coloration and pattern on the skin are amazing and the details put into almost every part of the Majungasaurus is ace. The shading as well is very nicely down, and adds some depth. My two small dislikes are the front arms of the Majungasaurus, they seem a bit deformed. They don't seem to have a lot of effort put into them, but that's just what I can see. Other than that the shape of the body seems a bit off balance, and a bit bulky. Though, this is still an amazing work of art ^^
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Brilliant textures there. ;)
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Beautiful work with the skin textures, it really makes this bizarrely proportioned theropod stand out.

Considering the environment this animal lived in, I wouldn't be all that surprised if it turned out to be amphibious. Functionally speaking, with its heavy skull, short gripping teeth, and a low center of gravity from its short stature, Majungasaurus may have been the closest theropods ever got to adopting a crocodile-like lifestyle.
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The semiaquatic lifestyle is a possibility, although a lot of modern flightless and flying birds have a similar stout legs and low center of gravity, but they seem pretty confortable walking around most of the time. Weird as they can get, most non avian theropods are land based, but a lot could have lived in swampy environments and probably got in the water frequently. This peculiar morphology might be related with Majungas diet, probably based on small animals, desoriented dinosaur hatchlings or turtles (which could explain such a robust jaws) :)
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True, though no living bird has such a long bony tail or large heavy skull, either ;)

I don't doubt the swimming ability of dinosaurs for a minute; if I recall correctly, one fossil trackway indicates that an albertosaur actually attacked a large ornithopod from the water, not into it. Hmm, I never thought of Majungasaurus being a turtle-cracker, though considering the environment, I doubt turtles were a scarcity. :D

However, if Majungasaurus was indeed amphibious, it might have to contend with the likes of Mahajangasuchus: one look at that monster's teeth, and one can imagine why even large theropods would rather stay high and dry.
But that croc was terrestrial.
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Well done, love it.
How did you make the scales so realistic? They make the Majungasaurus even more gorgeous;)
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Thank you! The scales are done with pencil + photoshop brushes and a lot of shading. I like the result too, will be probably using the same technique in future works...
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I hope so. It's absolutely worth it ;)
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