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Iberomesornis romerali

The basal enantiornithe Iberomeronis resting on the spike of a Polacanthus.

I think this is the first time I depict an avian dinosaur in detail and it has been a real challenge; I had to use at least half a dozen of extant bird pics as a reference to achieve something as simple as the wings folding position. It has been fun though, so more extinct aves are probably coming up soon.
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It's adorable! Pajarito!

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The structure of its perch leads me to presume a horn of some type. Is this little creature perched upon the horn of a much bigger creature? Perhaps much like an Ox bird... bah, I’m just assuming, regardless it’s quite appealing.
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Indeed, it is perched on one the back spikes of a Polacanthus…
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I like the color scheme.
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Beautifull and very life like. One of the best Iberomesornis paleo art I have seen
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My favourite enatornithe! :iconsqueeplz: Also, :iconomgsocuteplz: !
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Beautiful texturing and highlights on the feathers.
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Awesome! I like how the tail is reminiscent of euornithean fan-tails while retaining it's proper shaggy-stub character :)
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Thanks you! :) accuracy aside, I think also looks more natural and believable as an animal than the first version.
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Psst, no tail fans on enants.
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I remember reading that somewhere, but how should the tail look like then?
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In many cases it would just be a little stub (e.g.: Matt's restoration of Boluochia). Some species had one or more pairs of ribbon tail feathers like Confuciusornis.
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Ok, no biggie. Working on version 2.0!
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How about now?
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Beautiful :) There´s no other word to describe that cute little opposite-birdie.
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A non-neornithine looking like a bird?? Blasphemy! :)
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Yeah! Las Hoyas!
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awesome work Durbed
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