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Hot fuzz: Thalassodromeus

By Durbed
A couple of Thalassodromeus sethi enjoying some sexytime in the early Cretaceous of Brazil.

The depiction of the female here is especulative; we know that the female species of crested pterosaurs like Pteranodon seem to lack such crests, but IMO in cases like this were the crest is just inmense there could be an exception...
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Of course! And maybe females had different crests, i don´t think that there were more than skull. I think that it is simply perfect, the hair, crests, expressions, legs, wing fold... Man, they seem to be enjoying it! Thanks for such beautiful piece!
How do you think the fed?
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Thanks! as for their diet, I'm not really sure. Some experts suggest they were frugivores or omnivores, judging by their beaks morphology, and fed on the ground most of the time.
Awesome, i would like to tattoo them :D
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More ornithodiran sex!
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Next, you should draw two ichtyosaurs makin' love, oh yeah!
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Uh, not sure about how that would come out...

I think I´m done with reptilian sex for some time. :D
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Then it's time for chalicothere's sex! Oh yeah!
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Like those beards. ;)
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Love the coloration of the crests!
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