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Guess what... yes, Yutyrannus huali.

By Durbed
...and here´s my take on what is probably destined to be the dinosaur of the year. I didn´t want to jump on the bandwagon so soon, but I finally couldn´t resist. :(

A giant Tyrannosauroid from the Early Cretaceous of Northern China and a very remarkable discovery for two reasons: the mix of carcharodontosaurid and tyrannosaurid features (that might imply something like a carnosaurian origin for tyrannosaurids, or just a random, convergent and isolated taxa) and, most importantly ...the feathers! yes, a 10 meters long tyrannosauroid with a ratite like extensive coat of feathers. Deal with it. I´ll let you guess the implications of all this...

On a side note, I added some speculative though plausible features like completely feathered forelimbs and an inflatable sac below the orbital horn. The pneumatic nature of the nasal rugosity suggests that it could have supported such an estructure, apparently.
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Beautiful depiction!
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'Cause Yutyrannus is AWESOME ! :D
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Beautiful! I love the colors you chose.
Wasn´t it a carcharodontosaurid instead?
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They thought it could be one because of the shape of the head (very similar to Concavenator), but further studies prove that its a basal tyrannosauroid and the ressemblances are superficial, or due to convergent evolution.
What about the teeth and hands? I ask because there is much anxiety here about tyrannosaurids and i´m afraid that something like tyrannotitan will happen... Neovenatoridae maybe...?
Sorry,i was thinking about Bicentenaria too...
Yutyrannus huali was, compared to the stubble-armed tyrannosaurs of the late cretaceous, a very basal form. About 57 million years passed between Yutyrannus and T. rex, which is one of the reasons why I find the "mammoth-rex" trend of the last year quite hilarious. Indeed Yutyrannus is chronologically closer to the cute, little first tyrannosaurids than to T. rex.
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I for one welcome our new giant feathered overlords!
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You better! bow before the fuzzy Tyrants. :D
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Thanks , sir! :)
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Awesome, Durbed!
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Cheers dude :)
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Very lovely feather texture as usual. Has a kind of yeti feel to it. ;)
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Thank you, and thanks for your tips too, I think I managed to fix most of the shading and lightning problems.;)
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I doubt a Carnosaur origin for tyranosaurs. Its probably convergent evolution
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I agree, though is hard to determine without more evidence. Its a rather complex thing, and if we take in account the dubious nature of compsognathids the plot thickens even more.
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