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Guanlong wucaii

The crowned dragon from the Late Jurassic of China.
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VERY NICE JOB!!!:D (Big Grin) 
Arcovenator's avatar
I just love it!!!
pilsator's avatar
Very cool, Durbed!
Tyrannotitan333's avatar
This is quite a unique restoration!
Durbed's avatar
Thanks for the compliment :)
Durbed's avatar
Thank you sir!
Tomozaurus's avatar
Loving the colors man, great job.
Durbed's avatar
Thanks! still undecided about the face markins though.
Tomozaurus's avatar
Eh. I like them.
EWilloughby's avatar
That white-spotted black coat is somehow cute. And I'm really loving those yellow markings on the crest.
Durbed's avatar
He, thanks. I think the crest part is the best of this one. The black coat with lighter spots is something I wanted to do since quite some time ago, but somehow always forget about it...
EWilloughby's avatar
I really dig black and white patterns for fuzzy dinos nowadays. Must be the Anchiornis influence.
Durbed's avatar
That´s cool, because my next one will be a another black and white (and brown, probably) little feathered thing, an updated Archaeopteryx. Hope you don´t mind if I use your stuff as a reference to improve my advanced feather textures... ;)
EWilloughby's avatar
Sure, be my guest. :) Looking forward to seeing it.
yoult's avatar
Crowned Dragon of the Five Colours wohoooo! (if I include the orange into red :D)
Durbed's avatar
Or the purple tongue in the blueish face..;)
triggamafia's avatar
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