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Giganotosaurus carolinii

The giant southern lizard.

I scaled it following the maximum estimated lenght (13 metres) and the largest skull ever found (195 cm). Considering that non avian theropods have highly variable sizes in their adult stage, there could be some margin of error (and I´m not an expert in measuring neither). Also beefy and healthy looking, like all big theropods are meant to be.

The posing human is the average 6 ft. tall Joe. I tried to avoid the typical waving naked guy that stands in all dinosaur size charts. Because, well, if you´re going to face a gigantic predatory theropod, I strongly advise you to put some clothes on...and run!
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That head is HUGE! In general and proportionately. That isn't a criticism since they really where like that, and it makes them look awesome! Do you think they really where this lizardy? The wiggly tail and completely scaly skin? Honestly, I like birds and lizards equally, I love any skin covering, but do you ever think they'll find evidence for feathers on this critter? Or was giganotosaurus a classic big, mean thunderlizard?
Nice work, but the size comparison is off (the man is too big), and the legs should be shorter. Here is a pretty accurate silhouette of it:…
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that silhouette Is outdated (the skull is too long)
I know, but other than that it's pretty accurate.
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That is a pretty boss Giga there! I love the texture of it is from some Anole or a Komodo Dragon mixed with another lizard?
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I'm just curious, was it really that low-slung? Or is that just it's locomotion? Cause i thought it was it was a little taller, i could be mistaken though. But it looks kool :)
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He looks pretty badass :)
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Dinosaur Card #046 Giganotosaurus
Species: Theropod, Carcharodontosauridae
Era: Middle Cretaceous Period
Place Found: Neuquen, Argentina
Element: Neutral
Rarity: Rare
Ultra Move: Scissors

Cartmann's Facts:
"The 2nd largest theropod in the world. It has a large jaw that can break sauropod bones"
What do you think about its front legs? Were they used for something? They seem to have pretty sharp claws...
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Magnificent image. The only thing I'd say is that the legs look a little undersized for the weight of the body. But I don't know anything about anatomy, it's just my impression for what it's worth.
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Thanks. You actually might be righ if you you mean their lenght and not the muscle mass (bird legs are mostly tiny; most of the muscle its in the thighs), since some recent skeletal drawing published by S. Hartman revealed that the animal actually looked pretty different. This is based in an apparently outdated reconstruction.

But its not like this kind of anatomy is impossible, we know of big theropods like Majungasaurus with this kind of ridiculously short legs.
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THE TRUE FINAL BOSS: Giganotosaurus carolinii
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Your gallery is fantastic! How you get that terrific 'patterned' effect on the skin is just brilliant!
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Thank you very much. :)
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The silhouette of the human is usually standing still. But I like how this guy is starting to jog away. Great dinosaur too!
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Thanks, glad you like it.
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:D You're welcome!
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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWSUM!this is perfect!incredible work my friend~
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Simplemente asombroso
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Gracias amigo. :)
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