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Epidexipteryx hui

The weird and amazing Epidexipteryx hui doing what he is best at!
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But, Epidexipteryx had those arm feathers?
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The specimen arms were pretty bad preserved so they don´t show feather impressions, but since its close relative Scansoriopteryx show feathers in the 3rd finger its likely (if not sure) that Epi had them too. Phylogenetic bracketing. The wings make sense in a creature that seems designed to spend most of its time dwelling in trees...
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but wouldnt they be problematic when it tries to grab insects through tree holes ?
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Yeah, that's why it most likely didn´t :) the super long 3rd digit seems to be just some kind of climbing adaptation.
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Cheers! :)

I was thinking of your saurornitholestes pic for the pose...
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:D Glad to have been an inspiration!
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You just made this guy even cooler. But is it just me, or does its third finger look shorter than the actual thing?
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Right, I already updated with the hand and another stuff corrected.

Glad you like it!
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Shakin' those tail feathers! (is what he is best at)

Love the color scheme on this guy!
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Yay! thanks. :)
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