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Dromaeosaur parade

A new scale chart featuring some of the most prominent members of Dromaeosauridae.
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I saw this on Wikipedia. Look up Microraptor, Dromaeosaurus, Austroraptor, Velociraptor, Utahraptor or Deinonychus and you'll see it.
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I remember seeing this on Vsauce. Congratulations!
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You said that as if they asked for my permission or something :D (Big Grin)  ( no one ever does) but thanks, I guess. 
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I mean, you released it under creative commons, so they can use it. Anyway, awesome drawing! I didn't know about microraptors until now, they are adorable. 
AnonymousLlama428's avatar
You're welcome, I guess......=P (Razz) 
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Saw this on the latest Vsauce vid!
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Is the coloration hypothetical, esp. 3?
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Yeah, all of the color schemes are hypotethical. We don't know the coloration of these species yet.
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Cool! What are those two smaller ones on the ground?
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Dromaeosaurus and Velociraptor- their reference number are above each animal, but I guess they're a bit hard to see.
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Thank you. I can't believe I didn't notice them before XD
This is a great reference picture, by the way :)
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This is great for all sorts of reasons. It makes me wonder just how big natural history's largest feather could have been.

I would think probably those of Deinocheirus would be the biggest. Ornithomimus is thought to have had large display feathers on its arms and if Deinocheirus had the same, those would be massive.
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Nice. Looking at this, Deininychus wasn't really that big was it?
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Yep, definitely a not-so-terrible claw. Not sure why they used to depict it bigger than it really was, back in the 90´s...
If there's 1 thing I like about your drawings, its the creative colorations. In this case, it's especially true for your Austroraptor & Utahraptor. I also like the top hat guy. My only problem w/this drawing is the Velociraptor (Something looks off about its wings), but that's just a nitpick.
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The Velo wings are driving me crazy, already updated them twice but can´t make them work the way I want. I probably should just start from scratch with a pure profile picture.

Thanks for the compliments. I was about to stick to my old Utahraptor colors but this somehow seems more realistic, yet less striking.
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Ah, amazing! Love the new colors for the deinonych.
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Thanks man. Yes, the old one colors looked too much like Velociraptors, also not a big fan of crests on dromies, but I wanted to show some diversity here.
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Beautiful! I like that you added a dapper gent as size reference person :iconisayplz:
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Yeah, those indecent naked waving guys in dinosaur charts have to go. Thanks
What ho! Given their apparent intelligence and ornamentation, old bean, I would declare that dromaeosaurs were probably the dapper gents of the Cretaceous. Spot of tea?
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Quite so! I agree, ol' chap.
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