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Dont mess with ornithomimids

Deinocheirus mirificus teaching some manners to Tarbosaurus baatar!

This is a request from "love in the Time of Chasmosaurus" blog [link] (btw, hope that mr. Heaston doesn´t mind that I borrow the idea of the feather duster tail), and also an idea inspired in the beautiful art of the paleoartist pilsator [link] All this stem from the impression of ornithomimids don´t getting enought respect, specially the big ones that can kick the hell out of almost anything (in the same range size of even slightly bigger).

(By the way, since it seems that it could have got as big as a Tarbosaurus, maybe this Deinocheirus could also be considered an adult and abhorrently huge Gallimimus!)
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Is there a legitimate, reliable, non-sensationalistic, or perhaps even scientific source of ostriches one-shot killing lions via a kick to the face? I won't take random sensationalistic websites as proof.
Wouldn't it just deploy its claws?
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All praise to ninja tyrannosaur-kicking Deinocheirus XD
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Praise Him! :D
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Great job, love the texture and colouration you gave them! :)

More people need to understand ornithomimosaurs weren't harmless, especially with those ostrich legs.
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Indeed! and thanks.
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I love your depictions of prey fighting back!
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As soon as I add you to my DeviantWatch, you post artwork of one of my favorite animals of all time! What a coincidence :D

I agree, ornithomimids get too little respect, and even this monster isn't nearly as well-known as its distant cousin, Therizinosaurus. Sure, they weren't flesheating terrors like many of their theropod relatives , but ostrich-mimics certainly could have defended themselves from predators. Obviously, legs that long and well-muscled can easily be used as dangerous weapons, and the addition of three fair-sized claws would make an ostrich-mimic kick something to avoid. Their beaks were likely used in defense also, and in the case of ol' Terrible Hand here, well...the name says it all. With eight-foot arms and foot-long hooked talons, I really doubt Deinocheirus was just only using them to pull down tree branches.
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Indeed! like modern ground birds and ratites they probably were quite agressive and fought back when they felt treatened and had the chance to...a modern ostrich can seriously harm a lion with just one kick, imagine what one of those ostrich-saurs could do to, say, a dromaeosaur or juvenile tyrannosaur...:D
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I've heard stories of lions literally getting their faces smashed in by a well-placed ostrich kick, so a blow from an animal over double that size would probably fracture of outright shatter the skull of most small dromaeosaurs. As for Deinocheirus, there's only the giant tyrannosaurs that would have prsented it any major threat, and even then that threat might have been an uncommon one; there's no reason to regularly attempt to hunt something that can just as easily turn the tables and cripple or kill you.
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I love ornithomimids :la: funny thing, I'm acctually reading about them!
Very nice drawing, as always. And excellent detail
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Great work. It motion resembles that of a dromeosaur dinosaur (with its toeclaw). Nice pigment for both the dinosaurs along with the feather structure of Deinocheirus. I also like how the position of the leg of Deinocheirus presicely meets Tarbosaurus's direct right eye. Deinocheirus was probably not the first ornithimimus to deture the asian tyrannosaur. There was Therizinosaurus which is probably or probably not an ornithimimus. And yes, it does seem to have the appearance of a giant Gallimimus as Tarbosaurus lived with the normal size gallimimuses.
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Heh, thank you. But therizinosaurs isn´t actually a ornithomimid, it belongs to another family :). Gallimumus, on other other hand could have been like 8 meters long or more, acording to some specimens.
Wow! Thats about 28 feet, 8 meters long, I think thats about the size of an African Elephant already and almost half the size of Tarbosaurus. Great picture:)
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Wow, nicely done. Great sense of movement and action, and I love how you've blended the coloration with the texture of the integument.
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Thank you very much! the textures took some time and they still need a bit more of work, imo...
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Yeah, you show em Deinocheirus :w00t:!

Well done too :).
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Nice! Right in the eye!
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