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Deinonychus antirrhopus

Drawing based on the old classic reconstruction which depicted him jumping and ready to attack.

Probably my favourite dromaeosaur.
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This is magnificent and scary.
That pretty much looks like an archaeopteryx no ? (except it didn't have killing claws)
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Just reading Robert Bakker and he says Deinonychus and Archaeopteryx were so close that they could almost be considered a flying and flightless version of the same animal.

Your work is amazing, man!
Damn.... i was crazy about dinosaurs as a kid, but I didn't look for informations since then. I guess that things move pretty fast with that kind of animals, when yo see all the mistakes that was done in the past.
I've noticed that a lot of your dromaeosaurs have different colored backsides. Any particular reason why (It's been speculated that Troodon had okapi-like coloration) or is it just that it looks cool?
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No particular reason, I think it looks good and very bird-ish.

Never heard that about Troodon. Source?
"I think it looks good and very bird-ish."


"Never heard that about Troodon. Source?"

Quoting Gardom & Milner ( [link] ): "Bold countershading is the disguise used by the mainly nocturnal okapi browsing in areas of dense undergrowth. The dark back, and its striped and light rump and upper/lower legs, serve to break up the body shape when seen from a distance, providing protection against predators like leopards that hunt by sight. Perhaps the fast moving hunter Troodon had similar colouring in order to conceal itself."
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Oh, makes sense. Since I don´t have deinonychosaurs with striped patterns this sounds like an interesting concept to draw...:)
I look forward to it. At the very least, it'll be better than the okapi-colored Troodon in Gardom & Milner's book. Don't get me wrong, though, as I love said book (See my 1st post for a review: [link] ). It's just that said Troodon was based on Russel's sculpture ( [link] ).
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Agh, the devil-Troodon. Still haunts my nightmares.
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Reminds me a little of the AMNH mount
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I see the ressemblance, but its actually based on this classic mount: [link]
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Now thats an awsome Deinonychus, he looks indeed very scary !!
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That thing looks scarier than most scaly "raptors".
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I think, sadly, the mass public likes that strange blend of scales and high-activity levels, is so weird, it will forever be more popular. I personally adore this weird snake-eagle/griffony monster from reality, and prefer it over fictional, JP raptors.
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Thanks. Its meant to be very eagle-like, and eagles or other modern raptors can be very scary!
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Especially since Golden Eagles can chase off grizzly bears and be trained to hunt wolves. It is not what is covering a creature's skin that matters, its what it can do.
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Indeed. I wish this kind of dromaeosaurs someday replace the 90´s scaly ones from JP in the pop culture.
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Though we should give credit to the fact that JP pretty much killed off the whole "dinosaurs were slow, sluggish dim wits that went extinct due to their inferiority of mammals" idea that was common back in the day. It will probably take decades to top that.
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Fair enough. I think the concept was already around some time before JP but yes, it helped to change he mainstream view of dinosaurs, and as monster like and innacurate as the theropods were in the movie it also emphasized quite a bit the dinosaur-bird relationship. However, after 20 years and a decade since we know how this animals integument really were like, I think is time to move on .

(Hopefully incoming documentaries like Planet Dinosaur featuring some amazing feahered deinonychosaurs will help as well!)
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This I like very good! Please see my drawings!
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