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Beipiaosaurus inexpectus

Yes, I intended to paint this dinosaur like a panda bear. Deal with it .

(Although it ended looking more like a mutant penguin...)

Anyway, here´s the terrible and unexpected scissor-handed lizard from Beipiao.
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beipiaosaurus has fur feather all over it body.
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Then again, aren't dinosaurs a sort of mutant penguins? I mean, if you stretch it a bit...? XD
Lovely rendition of this species :)
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Penguins are technically odd-looking dinosaurs, so yes, maybe what I said was a bit redundant. ;) glad you like it.
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Me encanta el detalle de los pies emplumados.
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Gracias, creo que asi queda bastante natural. Estaba pensando hacer algo similar con las manos pero al final las hice escamosas para que se apreciara mejor el tamaño.
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Doesn't matter, considering this was merely a maniraptoran panda with gigantic claws. :P
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Cute. Just cute. :D
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Yep, ´this animal looks a bit like a muppet (the snout shape doesnt help).
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Wow, looks fantastic. :clap: The effort you put in really shows.
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Thanks, it was sort of rushed but I´m satisfied with the results nonetheless. :)
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