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Archaeopteryx litographica



The tables have turned! Archaeopteryx chases a young compsognathid through the dark forest. Archie has been depicted so often as a helpless victim of another theropods that its easy to forgot it was a deinonychosaur (or a deinonychosaur-like bird...or both things, or wathever its considered to be right now), and thus a fearsome and capable predator -of another dinosaurs- in its own right.

Since now we know that Archie was partially black (or at least, its wings) it was a good opportunity to update this sketch. I wasn't very happy with the old version anyway.
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Archaeopteryx and/or Comsognathus were probably the apex predator(s) of their island. I like to think of Archaeopteryx as an animal that often preyed on grounded pterosaurs.