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Achillobator giganticus

An Achillobator couple having a violent argument.

Looks like Mr. Giganticus on the right is sleeping on the couch tonight.
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Milvolarsum's avatar
Love the way you gave the different genders a different look :)
Durbed's avatar
Thanks, yes I like to show dimorphism in dinos. :D
triggamafia's avatar
Lovin' the new feathering!
Durbed's avatar
Thanks! I´m definitely keeping this style...
Whachamacallit1's avatar
Did Ms. Giganticus catch Mr. Giganticus eying some young and fit Achillobator?
Durbed's avatar
Probably! Mrs. Giganticus is quite a jealous and grumpy lady. :D
Oaglor's avatar
I keep forgetting about how short raptor legs are. . .
Durbed's avatar
Maybe the poses here aren´t the best to show that though (she is running and he is crouching)
EWilloughby's avatar
Man, who pissed off all the raptors today? ;)
Durbed's avatar
Its funny how raptor suddenly became a somewhat accurate term, I even find myself using it more often than "dromie" lately...
EWilloughby's avatar
Hah, yeah. I try to avoid it unless in a purely humorous setting. ;)
yoult's avatar
What a coincidence! :D I have myself uploaded an raptor argument 1 hour ago: [link]
Durbed's avatar
Yay! good timing!
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