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Achillobator (collab with pilsator)

Original drawing by :iconpilsator: [link] , that I colored and revamped a bit, and our second collab so far.

This wasn't really planned, more like something I rushed in a few hours following an impulse. It started as an attempt to show pilsator how I think the tail could bend in his picture (since he expressed his doubts about it and asked for advice). So, while I was working on it digitally I started wondering how it would look with a bit of color and texture, and how much potential it had, and...this is the result.
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great picture, I was wondering did u change the angle of the tail to make it more flexible?
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Yes. I don't know if eudromaeosaurs were able to keep their tails completely straight, but considering that at least 1/3 of them had some degree of flexiblity I think this looks a bit more natural.
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I think you felt a bit underwhelmed by how your picture came out, that's probably what made me decide to work on it. See, even your least favourite stuff has lot of potential. :)
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Great work :thumpsup:
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Excelente trabajo el de ambos. Muy interesante el color de la cabeza y el cuello :)
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Gracias. Los colores estan algo inspirados en los del Quebrantahuesos, aunque en el resultado final no se parezca en nada....
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Simply wonderful. :)
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