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Achillobator, Agony and Ecstasy (collab)

Achillobator giganticus, ladies and gentlemen.

Fantastic black and white lineart provided by paleontographer pilsator: [link], that I had the pleasure to paint.
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Screw the JW and mainstream raptors, I like raptors being fierce and beautiful!
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 A beautiful reconstruction!
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Manowar would be proud xD
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Hey, can I use your reconstruction as a standard for my Achillobator because I cannot find any good body or skeletals of Achillobator to use.
Durbed's avatar
Sure, be my guest.
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Thank you for the permission. You will be credited accordingly.
CretaceousForest's avatar
So nice!!!! Like your drawing style!
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It's lovely to see such accurate well drawn dinosaurs! No shortage of feathers here. Well done to both of you!
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Definitely the best drawing of Achillobator available on the internet! it's a raptor really interesting, not only for large but also for the opisthopubic pelvis which led the discoverers to think it was a chimera with a Therizinosaurid (as others of the same paleontological site, as Segnosaurus, Erlikosaurus or Enigmosaurus). I also believe in this regard that it was related to the equally interesting Adasaurus, even it in fact with opisthopubic indeeds...
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Nice Raptor-art.;)
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Gorgeous! We need more Achillobator love.
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Simply beautiful...
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Fantastic rendition, bravo!
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Oh, beautiful. I really see an improvement in how you render lighting and feather texture with this one. It looks more realistic and consistent. You and the Pils make a great combo.
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Thanks. I think the same, probably pils work just inspires me to do it better than usual...
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Fuck me, the way you rendered the feathers at the cervico-dorsal junction is incredible.
EWilloughby's avatar
My eyes were immediately drawn to those particular feathers too. Also love the ones in the tibial region.
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I'm in love with ... this. Thank you, man, thank you for resurrecting this from pilsator-draw-ness and to turn it into high paleoart!
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You're very welcome, keep sending them! :D
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Excelente trabajo en las plumas!
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Gracias! me ha costado lo mío...
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Great job, I also like the original that pilsator did!
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