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Pinkie Plural
The funny thing is, watching paint dry was almost fun at first.
Sitting there among my reflections, I watched intently as the glistening surface glooped viscously down the canvas.  It stopped running as it thickened, and within minutes, it lost its sheen.  I thought it ironic that a reflection could lose its sheen.
When my copies had started running amok, it was beyond fun.  It was like fun had gotten married to fun and had babies.  It was like fun had built a fun factory and started building fun.  It was like fun had copied itself in a magic mirror pool, because that's exactly what had happened.
But then, it started being less fun.  When Applejack's barn was demolished before it even got built, I saw it wasn't fun for her at all.  I was glad to be at Fluttershy's tea party, but the animals all scattered with our hundreds of hooves pounding the ground.  And then some of my reflections showed up with more reflections of themselves!
I blinked, and my eyes re-focused on the wall of paint.
:iconduplexfields:DuplexFields 22 20
Cadance, Twilight, and Destiny
When "King" Sombra's curse hid his stolen empire, all that was left was a little pink crystal filly, shivering in the snow, still shackled in chains.  Celestia and Luna brought her back to Equestria, the sole survivor of what was assumed to have been the genocidal erasing of an entire tribe of ponies.
Without the Northern Lights spreading joy and love after dark, the ponies shunned and feared the night.  Luna soon fell to the jealousy caused by Sombra's fear-magic, and became Nightmare Moon.  With her sister gone, Celestia found solace in raising the crystal pony as her "niece."  The little dear grew up and married Unicorn royalty from the pre-Equestria days; that line of royals continued to modern times, breeding ponies like Blueblood and Fleur (and honestly, half of Canterlot).
One day in year 975 of Celestia's sole reign, a pink alicorn foal was born to one of the noble houses.  Celestia took it as a sign that the empire which had fallen nearly a thousand years before might return,
:iconduplexfields:DuplexFields 6 27
Love (Less)
The vine-strangled trees of the Everfree Forest zipped by at a breakneck pace.  Sweetie Belle hung on for dear life, but she wasn't afraid.  She'd ridden the wagon at higher speeds before, and Scootaloo could easily avoid any obstacle.
The sun, barely visible through the trees, was nearing the horizon.  Apple Bloom leaned into the breeze generated by Scootaloo's wings.  In the muggy summer air, it was nice and cool, and didn't smell any worse than the Everfree usually did.
Once they got back to town, Scootaloo dropped off Apple Bloom at Sweet Apple Acres.  Then she headed for the one-story houses clustered near the business side of town, where Sweetie Belle's folks lived.
Sweetie Belle's tummy grumbled; they'd been at Zecora's for longer than she'd thought.  "Hey Scootaloo," she said, "Why don't you want anypony to know Fluttershy is your sister?  I mean, she looks just like you, and she's the Stare Master."
:iconduplexfields:DuplexFields 8 17
Expect (Less)
Sweetie Belle hovered an apple at her mouth and took a bite.  Rarity had given it to her as a reward for staying out of trouble that day.
She heard a crash and bang to her left, behind a gizmo repair shop.  Turning down the alley, she saw Scootaloo smashing her hind legs into a trash can.  "Whatcha doing?" she asked.
Scootaloo turned toward her in shock.  There were dark streaks below her eyes.  "None of your business, hornjob!" she shouted, frowning fiercely.
Sweetie Belle's magic fizzled in shock, and she dropped her apple.  She'd never heard Scootaloo use tribalist language before.  "H-hey!" she said, but Scootaloo brushed past her, wings flared.
Sweetie Belle stood there for a few seconds, eyes wide, feeling like she was going to cry.  Then she looked down at the fruit at her hooves.  "Waste of a good apple," she said, hovering it toward the abused trash can, where a flash of color caught her
:iconduplexfields:DuplexFields 5 4
Whirlwind Romance
"Stand still at once!" said Rarity, in a tone that brooked no dissension.
Pinkie Pie immediately stopped wiggling.  "Sorry, Rarity.  I'm just so excited about modeling for you, and I want everypony to see how wonderful and fantabulous and sensationriffic your new dresses are!"
Rarity could feel herself beginning to sweat as she finished putting the gown on her friend.  "Now remember, Pinkie, you're not trying to make them laugh tonight."
"Of course I remember," said Pinkie, "I'm playing the part of a super-serious super-duper-model who does super-silly things like walking slowly and slinky, and making super-silly duckfaces at the crowd.  It's like one big prank!  I'll be laughing inside the entire time!"
Rarity smiled, still worried.  The other two models stood next to them wearing Rarity's newest dresses, voguing for each other.  "I'm glad you're here for me," she said.  "It seems all the pink models in Ma
:iconduplexfields:DuplexFields 1 3
Red Dawn, Pink Morning
The library was closed when Princess Celestia arrived, terrible glory her raiment.  With narrowed eyes, she approached.
"Stop!" cried a high-pitched voice, and Celestia turned.
"...if you don't mind, that is, your Highness," said Fluttershy, bowing before her (though it seemed more like cowering in attitude).
"Hast thou been sent to forestall our approach?" cried Celestia, her voice thunderous, her eyes afire.
Fluttershy flinched, and then recovered.  She walked closer, the heat from her ruler making her hair smolder.  "I know I'm not wearing the Element of Kindness right now, your Majesty, but I claim the Bearer's Right, because I don't want to need it later."
Celestia's eyes returned to their usual appearance, though her mane retained the hues of flame.  "The Right is granted."
Fluttershy looked away, and shuffled a forehoof.  "When I tried to make your animals love me, all I got was a stampede and a heartache.  I was desper
:iconduplexfields:DuplexFields 23 14
Beginnings - Service
Beginnings - Service
By Duplex Fields
A hospital is a good place where ponies go to get better.
A field is a good place for running and playing.
Shining Armor looked around, and wondered what his little sister would think about this combination of the two. Unicorn nurses rushed here and there, applying painkiller cantrips and patch-em-up spells. Trauma surgeons selected certain ponies to wheel into the tents.
He returned his gaze to the sky. They had been warned that the griffons might not respect the medical sign. For the first time, he wondered if he might never see Twily or their parents again.
Suddenly, a gurgling cough drew his attention.  One of his fellows, an orange pegasus, was having trouble breathing.  "Medic!" he shouted.  Then he stared.
The world shrunk to the size of the arrow that protruded from the pegasus' chest.  It was fletched with a griffon feather.  Blood, bright red, bubbled through the hole when
:iconduplexfields:DuplexFields 5 3
Middles - Service
"Banana?" asked Luna, one eyebrow arched in an expression of confusion.
Celestia laughed. "It's a soft fruit-like herb. We import them from Llamargentina. You peel the skin away, like this." With a twinkle of magic, and a swift movement, the banana was laid bare. She unceremoniously tossed the peel into the kitchen trash. "Then you put the ice cream on top of it.
Luna got the hang of it on the third banana she tried... and indulged in her two failed attempts.
Then, with ice cream and syrups and laughter at the mess, they proceeded to make banana splits. Celestia had ordered the kitchen staff to take the day off. After all, it was a holiday.
The Royal Balcony overlooked the summer-greened fields of Canterlot's Royal Palace. Spectators sat in the stands and stared at the sky, murmuring. Over the loudspeakers, an ambient rock tune promised soaring adventures and spectacular sights.
Then, out of the west flew six blue dots, stormclouds streaming behind them. The crowd went wild. As the
:iconduplexfields:DuplexFields 5 11
Bouquet (part 1)
Rarity floated on wide wings above fields of untouched grass.
The voice was familiar, but she couldn't quite place it. Here, where the cares of the world disappeared, there was only joy. An orchard of golden apple trees stretched out on both sides, as far as the eye could see. The wings on either side glistened white in the sunlight, with tinges of pink at the very tips of each feather.
She shook her head. She was sitting in the Friendship Express, the sound of rails underneath them providing an omnipresent noise. The tunnels were behind them, and Ponyville was only minutes away. Twilight Sparkle was sitting next to her, an annoyed look on her face.
"I'm sorry, darling?"
Twilight rolled her eyes. "I said, we're almost home."
"Oh, yes," Rarity said, coming back to herself. She glanced down. Still cradled gently between her hooves was the bouquet. The Princess' bouquet. She grinned madly. The small bundle of flowers had floated down from the heavens, choosing her out
:iconduplexfields:DuplexFields 3 5
Celestia - Ruler By Right And Might
In my headcanon, Celestia earns the leadership of the three tribes of Equestria by the sweat of her brow.
To retain the title of Princess Of Princesses, head of the Unicorn Tribe and leader of the aristocratic council, she enters their competition held every seven years. She gets top scores in the Grace and Beauty portion. She demonstrates great skill, strength, and restraint in the Magic portion. And since she's the eldest of unicorns present, she gets a +1 to her score for perfect Ancestry.
Every six years, the earth ponies across Equestria hold an election. Celestia wins the Chancellorship by both popular and electoral vote every time, due to her fairness and civility, the history of her judgments, her upholding of the common law system, and the fairness of her police.
The pegasi are a proud and noble warrior race. Their military government is second to none for fighting readiness, and a squad of the Wonderbolts Special Forces Unit can (usually) take down a lone full-grown dragon. I
:iconduplexfields:DuplexFields 2 2
The Eyes That Watch
"Mommy, I'm home!" shouted Dinky, tossing her schoolbag to the floor of the kitchen.
She climbed a chair to the table, grabbed a muffin from the basket, and scampered back into the living room. Greedily, she gnawed on the tasty treat as she sat down.
"Hello, darling," said a weird, high-pitched voice. Dinky turned, a string of drool leading from her mouth to the forgotten muffin.
"How was your day at school?" asked the grey pegasus, smiling. Her eyes both looked directly into Dinky's.
Dinky set down the muffin. Then she laughed. "Wow, momma, you got a silly voice! You almost sound normal!"
The pegasus mare's brows furrowed. "Is there something wrong with my voice?" she asked.
Dinky got up, no longer smiling. Silently she walked up to the mare. Then she sat on her rump and waved both forelegs in the air. The mare's eyes, in unison, tracked first one hoof, then the other. "What are you doing, dear?" she asked.
Dinky put on a polite smile. "I have to go. I'll be back for dinner."
The grey
:iconduplexfields:DuplexFields 6 13
I am not a clever pony,
I am not a graceful beast;
I will never earn a medal,
I will always be the least.
Though my voice is rough and stumbling,
Peace on wings of silver glides;
While you point and laugh and whisper,
In my heart my passion hides.
Bubble wrap became vocation
With my clumsiness revealed;
Taking letters, bringing parcels,
Life, career, and future sealed.
When you ask what keeps me going
Under sun and weather vile,
Watch the eye that sees my darlings
When you wonder why I smile.
:iconduplexfields:DuplexFields 19 12
Short - The Future
The purple mane of the princess waved and fluttered in the cosmic breeze.  "My faithful student," she said, smiling, "Your actions today have saved Equestria from a grievous threat."
Silver Spoon, graduate student at Celestia Memorial School for Gifted Unicorns, bowed before her ruler.  "I live only to serve, my liege."
Princess Sparkle smiled at the obeisance, then her countenance darkened.  "However, your attitude is thoroughly disharmonious.  This endangers our fair land in a manner more subtle but no less real than the beast against which we fought today.  Therefore, I am assigning you a special task, one you must see through to completion.  Become friends with three ponies of significantly lower economic standing, without using your family's wealth.  You are to use 'The Elements of Harmony: A Reference Guide,' and Princess Apple's Friendship Workbook.  Do this before Spring Semester ends, my proté
:iconduplexfields:DuplexFields 9 8
To Have
As soon as the Sisterhooves Social race ended, Dinky the unicorn ran up the bleachers to her mother.  "Didja see us?  Didja?  Didja?" she asked, grinning like her face would split.
Derpy grabbed her daughter and swung her around.  "Butter and excellence, the cute badgers sing!"
Violet Sparkler trotted over.  She stopped next to the bleachers, and nervously rubbed one forehoof against the other.  "Hey, Miz Hooves?" she said, "I know Dinky and I aren't real sisters, but, um, thanks for letting us compete together."
"Kumquat and the entrance," said Derpy, nodding.
"I mean," said Violet suddenly, quickly, as if she'd been holding the words back for too long, "I've never had a little sister, and when they put Dinky in my foster home I was so happy there was another unicorn there, but she was just so sad, and she missed her mother so much."
Derpy looked at Violet (and a tree to the left), intrigued.
"And when she got to go home, she
:iconduplexfields:DuplexFields 87 51
Cutie Mark Cold Shoulder
Apple Bloom kicked a couple of buckets of water to her friends. As she washed the sap off her face, she said, "This town is full of ponies who have their cutie marks. Why don't we ask them how they did it?"
With a smile, Sweetie Belle said, "That's a great safe idea."
Scootaloo piped up. "Yeah! And we can start with the coolest pony in Ponyville."
"Applejack!" said Apple Bloom, certain her sister was the afore-mentioned coolest pony.
Sweetie Belle simultaneously said, "Rarity!" Her sister was obviously the coolest.
Scootaloo frowned and rolled her eyes. "Come on, guys, I said 'cool'!" She grinned, then she zipped around the meadow with her wings buzzing. "You know who I'm talking about. She's fast. She's tough." She slammed into a bucket as she skidded to a halt. "She's not afraid of anything!"
After a moment of hesitation, the other two asked, "Pinkie Pie?"
Scootaloo frowned again. "No! The greatest flyer ever to come out of Cloudsdale."
Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle thought for a mom
:iconduplexfields:DuplexFields 4 11
A Diplomatic Dinner - pt 1
It burned across the daytime sky, brighter than a star. Griffons looked up from their hunts in wonderment. Then the sonic boom made them scatter.
It fell over Equestria.
The metal hull slammed into the ground in the meadow just outside of Ponyville, shedding parts and leaving a smoking trail.
Rainbow Dash, head weatherpony, alerted the town and gathered pegasi to gather rainclouds to put out the fires.
The wreckage was too hot to touch, but several unicorns had spells related to cooling. Clover Greene, refrigerator repairpony, had the most useful spell, and Twilight Sparkle copied it before casting an amplified area version.
The thing was monstrously huge, a disc as tall as town hall and as wide as Ponyville's main residential district. The surface was pockmarked with square holes, each at least three lengths wide on a side.
Rainbow flew under the rainclouds to see how quickly the fires were going away. She could make out a word on the big disc, and flew down to where Twilight stood, h
:iconduplexfields:DuplexFields 3 4


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Children are monsters. Annoying, selfish monsters. This could easily be a screenshot of an episode dealing with how people hurt each ot...

This drawing is beautiful. The pencil lines have a sketchy feel, but function as inking and shading. I like bored teenage Apple Bloom w...





Sunset Shimmer is seen only once as a pony in Equestria Girls, and after that, only as a high school Mean Girl.  Her final transformation is startling, perhaps shocking, and seems to come from nowhere, as do her plans for conquering Equestria.  The depth of her plan is barely explored, but with some review, I think I've figured it out.

Early in Equestria Girls, Sunset Shimmer asks Twilight what happens when someone brings an Element of Harmony into an alternate dimension, and laughs when Twilight can't answer.  This suggests that she has studied the known five Elements, and her later actions with the crown demonstrate that she knows enough to bend the previously unknown Element of Magic to her will.  Would she have been, upon returning to Equestria, as powerful as Alicorn-Amulet-amplified Trixie, or even the dreaded King Sombra?  Thankfully, we'll never know.

The Elements of Harmony seemed to be a bigger part of her plan than a first glance.  She used the technology of the human world (spoofed emails and texts) to arrange for Rainbow Dash to be seen as a betrayer, Applejack as a liar, Pinkie as a wet blanket, Fluttershy as an awful, unkind person, and I assume Rarity as selfish.

That was Discord's scheme.

Actually, Discord's scheme was to genuinely turn them into a liar, a grump, a hoarder, a brute, a traitor, and a loner.  But for Sunset Shimmer's plan, manipulation of social status was apparently enough.  Whether turning the Elements sour was vital to her plan or simply to prevent her being stopped, we again were not told.  However, Pinkie Pie knew of a human Twilight Sparkle, with a Spike dog, who lived in the city.  Perhaps Sunset Shimmer prevented her transfer to the school to make a spot on the roster for herself; however, she didn't recognize humanized Princess Twilight at first, which suggests that she never met the Twilight from the human world.

Her knowledge of the Elements and of the inverse of friendship does not seem to be a coincidence, no matter how much other friendship-ruining she caused at the school in her rise to social power.  But how could Sunset Shimmer, in the human world, know that a) Twilight Sparkle had replaced her as Princess Celestia's personal student, b) the ancient magics of the Elements of Harmony were once more found and activated, c) the five ponies from Ponyville were their bearers, and d) Twilight and her Tiara of Magic were present near the Mirror on the evening of its opening?

She'd been in the human world, according to the comic, since the time unMarked Twilight was being foalsat by Cadance, and indisputably before Twilight got her Mark at the Rainboom and became Celestia's student.  That suggests that she'd been in the human world for at least two cycles of thirty moons (sixty moons = five years), since Twilight has been in Ponyville for two to three years in the show at the time of EqG.  This dates the length of Twilight's time as Celestia's student, and the time since Rainbow Dash's first Sonic Rainboom, as either 5 or 7.5 years, since Twilight clearly spent several years in Canterlot as Celestia's student ("You know that I value your diligence and that I trust you completely" - Celestia's letter, episode 1), and there was probably a time gap between Sunset's departure and Twilight's Marking.

(The possibility of a time disjunction while the portal is closed may have shrunk Sunset Shimmer's experience of time on the human side; it's possible that she appeared at the four-year high school as a freshman, and that on her side, the mirror opens every two years.  It's also possible that Equestria has more or fewer months per year.  But for the general purposes of keeping it simple, I will assume both Equestria and the human world have twelve months per year, and that one hour on each side is the same as on the other.  That means Sunset probably came through as a middle-schooler, and found her passion for power climbing to the queen of the hill in that cauldron of social turmoil.  One also wonders what happened to the human world's Sunset Shimmer...  But back to the plotting and planning.)

I suggest that she used the mirror itself to gather intelligence.  Whatever rites or rituals or bargains she used to replace her horn's magic, whatever enchantment or cantrip she used to scry into Equestria, it is likely tied to her "final form," the terror she became upon donning the Element of Magic.

The human mirror-verse had people with word-names and random skin colors, and even a native dog had blue fur.  It clearly is not our universe, so there is no reason to assume their religions or afterlife(s) bore much resemblance to ours.  Perhaps in their world, Zeus sits atop Olympus.  Perhaps there are ancient and terrible evils seeking to overthrow a council of good gods.  Perhaps Sunset Shimmer was loaned power by something that sought a foothold, and would gladly allow little Sunset to have her horse-world in exchange for total domination of the human world.

Again, thankfully, the heroes will never know.


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