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Mature content
Demon Moon :iconduosmexymaxwell:DuoSmexyMaxwell 0 0
Demon Sandwhich by DuoSmexyMaxwell Demon Sandwhich :iconduosmexymaxwell:DuoSmexyMaxwell 1 0
Mature content
Take Me DEMON :iconduosmexymaxwell:DuoSmexyMaxwell 2 11
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seb dragon by BoundingShark seb dragon :iconboundingshark:BoundingShark 4 4
Quotes about books and reading!
Hello, here's a portion of the quotes - this time the theme is 'books' and 'reading books' (and everything in between). I hope you find them interesting!
And some infographic as a dessert! Bon appetite! :)
:icontrishaabaddon:TrishaAbaddon 2 7
Doujinshi preview 502 by michelous Doujinshi preview 502 :iconmichelous:michelous 43 1
Dark themes and yellow wallpaper
I am not sure why, but I'm really happy with how my Reader's May went. Maybe because I've stumbled upon a few books that really got me and found a 'soul-author'? By the last one I would define it as 'an author I could relate to when it comes to create the plot' - when I read his works, I had a feeling like, 'This is something I could write!'. But, we will get to him in a moment.
Let me share with you my May reads:
:bulletblue: 'Norse Mythology', by N. Gaiman - yup, this is him! However, this is the first book I've read by him and it isn't a novel - it's pretty much Norse Mythology collected into one place and presented in simple language. Does it make it dull? Oh no! The myths are captivating and scary. I can say that currently this is my favourite mythology... dark, scary, cruel... like the nature up North. The Ragnarok is truly terrifying event and Loki is scary. Beautiful stories, though.
On the picture (all pics from Pinterest): Hel, the daughter of Loki and a ruler of underworld o
:icontrishaabaddon:TrishaAbaddon 2 25
Wise quotes on life
Today I would like to present you a few collected thoughts by Sadhguru - he's an Indian yogi, mystic and charity worker. A truly beautiful human being with lots of wisdom. Without any further talking, let's go to his quotes!
:icontrishaabaddon:TrishaAbaddon 2 5
LOTR - I'm bored by the-evil-legacy LOTR - I'm bored :iconthe-evil-legacy:the-evil-legacy 83 59 LOTR - That's my boy by the-evil-legacy LOTR - That's my boy :iconthe-evil-legacy:the-evil-legacy 90 200 LOTR - Childhood by the-evil-legacy LOTR - Childhood :iconthe-evil-legacy:the-evil-legacy 111 46
The 1st gathering of thoughts after premiere
What can I say... I can't believe it happened!
Picture from the rehearsal before the event - I was still dressed in my coat.
I really wanted to write this journal entry when I get pictures from the event, but the photographer haven't published them yet. I may add them later, in another entry.
Everyone was lovely and nice and it seems my siblings were more stressed than me (I started being stressed once I had to speak to microphone... I've achieved a perfection in imperfection when it comes to public speech).
The lights were dimmed and only decorations sparkled in the candlelights.
The Organisator was amazing and helped me very much, she was sitting next to me onstage, so I wouldn't feel lost. 
First, she welcomed the guests (even the Mayor came) and then I was introduced and performed two of my songs. There are no full records of these, my sister tried to record them on her phone... which of course froze on the one she wanted to record the most... but there's at least a small piec
:icontrishaabaddon:TrishaAbaddon 1 10
Short video from premiere
:icontrishaabaddon:TrishaAbaddon 1 5
Raven by Dzydar Raven :icondzydar:Dzydar 16,669 364 AnK by K-Koji AnK :iconk-koji:K-Koji 2,259 421 Sebastian Michaelis by K-Koji Sebastian Michaelis :iconk-koji:K-Koji 7,443 543 Kuroshitsuji: Grell Sutcliff by K-Koji Kuroshitsuji: Grell Sutcliff :iconk-koji:K-Koji 8,416 640 Kuroshitsuji: Ciel and Sebastian by K-Koji Kuroshitsuji: Ciel and Sebastian :iconk-koji:K-Koji 9,666 928 CIEL PHANTOMHIVE by K-Koji CIEL PHANTOMHIVE :iconk-koji:K-Koji 6,753 453


Demon Moon
Had Something On My Mind to draw and this is what came of it. I call it Demon Moon. This is pretty much what my Real Demon Looks like.
Demon Sandwhich
Sebastian Me And Claude  Makes a Demon Sandwhich!...

The reason behind this picture is a Very Very Very long story...
About How Sebastian and Claude fight over me.
So I said to my friend I feel like I am in a Demon Sandwhich I asked her if she could draw it...
And Well here it is. :D :heart: Demon Sandwhich with me in smack in the middle!

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Sebastian walked into the office where Lord Ciel sat working, he pushed a tray of tea to the end of the desk. "Tea My Lord, Your Favorite Earl Grey, along with the tea we have Pimms and Strawberry Pavlovas."  He set the tea and dessert before Ciel who put his pin down.
"Looks Good," He said in a stoic tone but inside he was saying 'Oooo OMG LOOKS SO GOOD!'  Ciel properly took his spoon and ate the  delicately delicious food before and closed his eyes.

Sebastian watched him as he enjoyed this food, he smirked but when Ciel opened his eyes and looked at him the smirk faded. "I hope the dessert is to your liking my Lord." He said putting a hand to his heart and bowed a bit.

"Yes it is very good, you did well Sebastian," Ciel said and watched the light sparkle in Sebastian's eyes as he was told he made good dessert once again. "I'd say your getting better everytime." Ciel said eating some more of it was amazing he thought and ate every last bit of it. Once Done Sebastian took the plate from him and set it back on the tray. Ciel finished his tea once his cup was empty Sebastian took this for him too.
Sebastian turned to leave the room, but was stopped when he felt Ciel come up behind him and hug him. Ciel put his cheek on the middle of Sebastian's back he was blushing. "Sebastian I need you..." He muttered into his back.

"Yes My Lord," Sebastian said with a happy smile on his face, his poor little husband needed him so much it turned him on greatly. He felt the smaller frame tremble against him. Sebastian turned around and scooped him up and carried him to the bedroom. Ciel was already kissing on his neck as they traveled, kissing an licking. Sebastian walked into the bedroom.

He walked to the bed and laid Ciel on it, then he stood above him and looked down into his pretty Blue eye then ran his hand over his face and pushed back the eye patch to show off his pretty purple sealed eye. He then brought his hands down and untied his ribbion slowly. Tell it came apart then he pulled it off and set it nicely on the night stand. Then he started to unbotton the white shirt expsoing the creamy white skin underneath. He pushes the fabric back over his pretty shoulders. He never broke eye contact with the shinny eyed young man under him.  He then ghosted his fingers down his torso making him flinch from the slight tickle.
Sebastian bent down and kissed Ciel on the lips, he slid his hand under his neck and pulled him closer to him. They sat there in a long kiss, Sebastian held it tell the last second and then let Ciel go who was now gasping for air. His head was spinning his cheeks flushed his lips gleam from the kiss. Just how Sebastian liked him. He then kissed licked and nibbled a trail down his torso to the edge of his trousers he then brought his fingers up and undid the button. He pulled the pants off along with the underwear and laid them nicely on the night stand as well. Then he turned back to see the beautiful site of his husband laying naked and flushed before him. He licked his fangs and his eyes glow red and he bent down and sucked Ciel's penis into his mouth.

Ciel moand softly and ran his fingers through Sebastian's soft black hair. Sebastian bobbed his head up and down and got him nice and hard. He licked around his tip he ran his tongue over the precum and drank it down... Then he kissed down his shaft and sucked on his testicules. Ciel moaned even more and tugged some on Sebastian's hair. Then Sebastian let them go and pushed his legs back and with his long tongue he slid it over his hole and then down inside of it. Ciel was blushing and moaning he moved his head some to the side and Sebastian ran his hands up to his nipples and twisted them and pulled them. More Precum came to the tip of Ciel's penis. Sebastian then ran his tonuge up to the tip again and licked it off. He then pushed Ciel's legs apart and lined his penis up to his tunnel. He started to slid in inch by inch spreading and pushing Ciel open so he could fit inside his tight little tunnel. He grinned watching Ciel's face change in pleasure he gripped his hips and started to fuck him harder and harder the bed banged against the wall. Ciel was now crying out in pleasure his words where none coherent.

Sebastian loved turning him into a little wiggling hot mess, he then bent down and bit him on the neck. To leave his mark and he fucked him harder then before. It burned inside but felt so good as the shaft hit his prostate. "Ahhh ye yesss" Ciel cried and then he couldn't hold it back any longer he came under them digging his nails into Sebastian's arms. Sebastian kept pounding into him for a bit longer tell he released his seed deep inside of his tunnel filling him up to over flowing. Sebastian then lay over top of Ciel for a few moments letting the young man catch his breath. Then he pulled out and Ciel sighed and Sebastian stood up. "Are you better now My Lord?" He wondered.
"Yes you know that Answer But Yes I am much better." Ciel said and sat up his head was spinning a bit. Sebastian then pulled Ciel's head onto his torso and stroked his hair.
"That is good, I am pleased Master," He said and kissed the top of his head
Just A little Hot Smut between me and Sebastian :D woots 
Sebastian Killy My Enemies
My Hard Work Of Drawing Sebastian Flying over my enemies and burning them hahahahahaha. It took me so long yet it could be better ANYWAYS Here it is haha



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Lilyofthevalley Spring time flowers by DuoSmexyMaxwell

Yesterday was a beauitful day sunny with blue skys But it was below freezing.
But Yesterday reminded me that Spring was coming. For at least a week the Birds been chirping happily calling spring into play.
And now today is The Spring Equinox! So Happy Spring Equinox my friends. I hope this Spring Will be a Beautiful one.

For the last few years it seems that Spring has been taken over by Winter which isn't fair. But life isn't fair is it? XD.

But still I miss Spring So When I felt the sun shinning yesterday it gave me good happy spirits it was a nice change to our Normal Gloomy days.
Today seems like it also may be sunny a nice Sunny Spring :).... The Birds sure do act like its spring time that is for sure.

Anyways As you see I have a Picture of flowers here they are my favorite kind. The Lilly Of The Valley... They look like little fairy hates :la: Its so pretty.
So I can think of them as Lilly Of the Fairy Valley. They are magical to me.

I Am normally someone who enjoy's Fall the most but this year I guess my soul pines for Spring... I was actually born in the spring.

Lily Of the Valley is my mum's birthday Flower.... I need to look up mine aha. Eh Daisy and Sweet Pea... Sweet Pea smells nice but to be a Daisy seems so plain....

Sweetpea Birth Flower by DuoSmexyMaxwell
This is a Sweetpea I like this much better I'll take the Sweetpea as my Birth Flower :D
And leave the Daisies for those who like Daisies in April which is when I was born haha.
An Excat Month from now is my Birthday.

<_< I can't believe I'll be 35! Half Way to 40 PEOPLE ^(*o*)^ FREAK OUT! Run around in circles and fall down on my back and can't  get up because I am 34 and out of shape.
But in txt I can do anything so I get up and fly around yay. Screw Walking :la:... And now a Kirby Dance!

<(^_^<) <(^_^)> (>^_^)> ^(^_^)^ YAY! :boogie: :happybounce:  Ok Well Today isn't going to be very speical for me other then its Spring time now which is Awesome...
It won't be a to eventful day... I went with my mom to the store... I am out of Cigs I been out for along time now and I didn't even bum one off my sister yesterday cause she is running low.
So I didn't ask her yesterday *sigh*... But I'll make it My nephew said that Its not life or death. AND its true I have lived an entire day without smoking a cig so far hahah. I mean I won't die
at all. Smoking is what will lead me closer to death not none smoking haha. 

Wel I am at a loss of what I want to do, Do I want to play sims 4 or listen to stories or nap? XD I am not sure which I want to do. I am in a limbo. Plus Eventually I am going to have to eat some Lunch. Which I am Excited for cause my mom bought me some hot chicken wings which was super nice of her. :).... 

I will say yesterday I was loving the sun coming in my window. It made me feel happy for once. Someone who doesn't normally feel anything I was feeling happy and not depressed. My friend was saying something about how Perhaps I was waking up from my dark slumber of winter and Spring was waking my dulled Sesnes could be true. But I woke up early today so I feel a bit sleepy haha -_- Which is actually annoying. I don't want to feel tired. I want to be able to do stuff and play my sims game! But I don't know GAH my brain isn't sure what it wants lol if so I'd probably be doing something. I guess I am which is writing in my Journal that is something!

I am hoping that the days will start getting warmer but not to warm to the point its baking just warm enough :D lol Of course who wouldn't want it to be comfortable ALL year round eh?
But where I live The Weather is tempermental and does whatever it wants. :la: 

Allll Aright I guess that is all from me for now 

Have a Great Spring My Friends 


EdwardElricFullmetalFistinyourface by DuoSmexyMaxwell
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DuoSmexyMaxwell's Profile Picture
Duo Maxwell
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
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Duo Maxwell -- People often get the wrong idea about you, but that's ok, kicking ass is easier when your opponent underestimates you. You've had a difficult past, but you would go to hell and back so that others don't have to suffer the same way. You are smart, tough, and resourceful. You are also a decent judge of character when it comes to placing your loyalties.…

New Song That I often Feel Like At Times Or perhaps IN the past I have.

Let it all out, let it all out
You don't have to think your heart is made of steel
Come away now, from your own doubt
Like a flower of hope that's growing in a field, you will heal
Although the road has changed you
And the world has often failed you
You've gotta carry on and show them you're strong You've gotta bury what is past and gone
Some days will be worse than others
But you've gotta find another way
Through pain and fear, or rain and tears,
We will hold on to the light
We'll chase the dawn that waits for us beyond the darkest sky Keep following that distant star
Never walk away from who you are
Never forget that the promise of tomorrow lies in your heart
Let it all out, let it all out
Nothing ever seems to work or go your way But you'll learn that isn't all bad
The misfortune isn't always here to stay, hey
Once upon a time, in my youth
I wanted a taste of the truth
But everything that I came to find Was nothing but a castle built on lies Now I don't know what to believe
But I've gotta stay alive and breathe
I'm terrified, but I'm alright
Knowing you're there by my side
When I'm with you, I'm stronger and I never have to hide
I've known it from the very start
Even if we're far or worlds apart
Nothing will change that the promise of tomorrow lies in our hearts
How can I tell right from wrong when everything I've known has betrayed me? Do we take the truth at its face value, or do we give up on believing?
When I about losing you, in my heart I know what I should do
Deep down I know that I'll never let you go
Through pain and fear, or rain and tears,
We will hold on to the light
We'll chase the dawn that waits for us beyond the darkest sky Keep following that distant star
Never walk away from who you are
Never forget that your future's waiting up ahead
As seasons change and rearrange
And the sands of time descend
As all your hope starts vanishing you'll always have a friend In brightest day or darkest night
Even if we have to say goodbye
You'll be alright
I will always and forever be by your side

:iconzimthrustplz: :iconwineplz: :iconfma-plz:

I :iconduoplz: :icontrowaplz: who = :icondragonmaiden50: :) We Equal Friends and! :D who = :icongunplz: :icongunplz:

I :iconduoplz: :love: :heart: :hump: :iconheeroplz: Who = :iconh-e-e-r-o: Who = :icongunplz: :icongunplz: :icongunplz:

I :iconedplz: :heart: :iconroymustangplz: who = My Husband :P The :iconbaconplz: :XD: :giggle:

I :icongircuteplz: :heart: :iconpiggyplz:

Time for me to have Some fun with ICONS OF Random Things that I can think of
and it turns into an Icon :la: :giggle: this is coming from my own brain whatever pops in I try and make an Icon.

:iconheeroplz: :iconduoplz: :icontrowaplz: :iconquatreplz:

:iconalelricplz: :iconedplz: :iconhappyedwardplz: :iconedplz: :iconedawwplz:
:iconroymustangplz: :iconedwardelricplz: :iconalchemyplz:
:iconsasukeplz: :iconsasukeuchihaplz: :iconnaruto-plz: :iconnarutouzumakiplz:

:iconarielplz: :iconfishplz: :icondolphinplz:




:iconfrodoplz: :iconpippinplz: :iconlegolasplz: :iconbilboplz:
:iconorlandobloomplz: :iconjohnnydeppplz:
:iconappleplz: :iconstarplz: :iconmarioplz:
:iconbugsbunnyplz: :icondaffyduckplz:
:iconpepsiplz: :iconbreastsplz: :
:icontacoplz: I said taco like what one would eat lol :XD: I got this what the hell? :o

God I am getting tired :yawn:
:sleep: :faint:
This parade has worn me out. WOW.

Well Goodnight for now
:iconedplz: :iconduoplz:

:icongirdancingplz: :icongirdanceplz:
*listens to Men In Black While Putting up :icongirplz: The Song
Goes Pretty good with the dancing…

:icongirplz: Icons :icongirscreamplz:
:icongircupcakeplz: :icongiromgplz: :iconnaked-girplz: :icongircuteplz:
:iconzimwtfplz: :iconzim2plz: :iconzimseesplz: :iconwtfzimplz: :iconzimsqueeplz:
:iconzimplz: :iconizplz: :iconirkenplz: :iconzim4plz:

:iconcheeseplz: :iconchipsplz: :iconcakeplz: :iconicecreamconeplz:
:iconrainbowplz: :iconpickleplz: :iconrumplz:




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U like FMA (Fullmetal Alchemist)?
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Yes I sure do!
AgentOfTheMessiah Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2018
Then what if I told you. . . .I’m making an alternate history scenario where the Fullmetal Alchemist universe is part of our world, in which their version of Alchemy is created and developed during the Scientific Revolution in Renaissance Europe, eventually becoming the most practiced form of science in modern society.

Nations like Amestris would serve as a replacement for the Weimar Republic of Germany, Creta a border nation similar to Belgium, while Aerugo acts as a Roman Empire Mussolini dreamed of.

I’m setting this timeline in the 60s in an alternate Tripolar Cold War between the United States of America (Based on the Fallout series) the European Union along with their allies, against the Coalition of Ordered Governments (From the Gears of War series), and the Shinra East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere (From Final Fantasy VII and its respectable follow-ups).
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I thought I sent you a Birthday note, but I think I accidentally missed it, so Happy Belated birthday!Have your cake and eat it too birthday cake 
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