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Floral Warmth

Its been a while since my last proper 3d submission, this is mainly because ive been learning a whole new renderer.

This image wasnt rendered with VRAY like all my other designs, this one is using mental ray.

Made yet again in 3ds max 9.

I think my interiors have always seemed a bit cold, and they are always lit from the sunlight. I wanted to create a warmer and more atmospheric scene so ive used 2 internal lights instead.

I decided to go for a more feminine look this time also. In photoshop, i could see that this scene looks good in other shades other than green, i may modify it a re-render it with alternate colour schemes, along with any amendments that people may pick up on.

Comments please :-)

ill also answer any questions.
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I love the look of this room in your picture, looks very tranquil and relaxing. This is something I am trying to create for my bedroom in my new house.
Any ideas where I might buy that 3 panel canvas? I have searched high and low for exactly that, and cannot find it anywhere.


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love it can u make tutorial for this scene please..?^^
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thanks Dorarpol! Not sure if I can be bothered to make a whole tutorial but i would be more than happy to help you with as many and any questions you may have regarding this scene or 3ds and mental ray in general. :-)
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OMG...u are first person want to help me....^^,can u show me how to make water/glass reflection,its so hard to learn by me..thanxs
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Ok sure, what verison of 3ds max are you using? and am i right to assume youre using mental ray?
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max 9 and i use vray RC5...i cant using mental but i want to try...^^
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ok well ive used both, i use mental ray at the moment however. So what exactly would you like to know?
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oh..i u use both..i love vray,how to make real scene ( interior )u can see my gallery,all render is bad maybe so flatern..Tq
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i'd like to stay into a room like this.
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thanks Geo14mysthik!
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Thanks ardha-ardha-ardha !
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Where did you get Vray? How much was it?

Looks great! :)
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i actually used mental ray for this one :-)

thanks :-D

i used to use vray, but mental ray is MUCH better now.
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hey there :D
i love this picture because of the mirror to the left and the 3 parted photo group with the flowers!
reminds me of a habitation i had in a hotel... it was my greatest holiday trip =D
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im glad it brings back good memories :-) thanks
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wowywowywowywowy... prettyful. nice and calming
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I'm featuring this in my journal :)
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cool! thanks very much! :-)

im honoured :-)
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To dark, I suggest a bit more accurate lighting system.
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impresionante sobrepasa lo real,..................muy bueno!
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*pokes* it look real !
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