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Dementors on their off days

Created with Sharpees, colored with Adobe. It actually took more time to color than it looks x.x; Dementors are from Harry Potter, if you hadn't noticed.
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Dementors are murderous creatures that are neither dead or alive, not lazy soda-drinking, chip-eating, floating, cloaked men!
DrizztSpartanSniper's avatar
dude it is just a funny little comic strip, not meant to be taken seriously.
Samuraibot's avatar
Whatever, I'm just stating the facts here.
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Oh that's so AWESOME!! I love it!!!! :clap:
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Thanks very much!
anakalivas's avatar
you're welcome! :)
xHP-GD-MCRx's avatar
i like this!
nittle-grasper's avatar
That looks like a professional comic strip.
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Arigatou. *hugs* x.x;
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lol, now that's just adorable! I love dementors... they're so creepy. And anything with the whole death cloak thing going on is cool ^_^ nice job on the coloring.
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Thanks ^_^ Dementors are fun.
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Ooh is the one watching jerry springer on TV? :D
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Could be. Probably has "Men Who Love House Elves Too Much" re-running, though. And everyone's seen that at least three times, right?
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