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TF2 giantess servers

Hi all.
For several months, I like to play TF2 and I found several servers where you can see giant/giantess characters. If you want to have the female version of characters, it's here:…
You can find my photos and infos about giantess TF2 here and in the website of…

However, I decided to put all these servers I found in this list:

- Glubbable servers (all Slender Fortress and Smash Fortress servers):…
- Mario servers
- Neonheights servers:
- Litronom's server and Waifu club:…
[FR] 200% TRADE[4] | FUN | LMA.Community:
- The casual Christmas Trade and Fun Server [Free VIP] [FAST-DL] :…

About the image, I decided to use :iconimprobabilitygodess:'s TF2 girly OCs (her bitstrips profile:… ), who are giantesses, sitting on the earth and who use, in their own way, taunts (except one of them):
- Tilde, the fem spy with the taunt "Spycrab"
- Tracy, the fem scout with the taunt "Deep Fried Desire"
- Dark Meddy, the only blu fem medic and the only one who doesn't use taunt, who is in my opinion the dark side of Whitney
- Whitney (:iconimprobabilitygodess:), the fem medic with the taunt "Meet the Medic"
- Ginger Kneer, the fem engineer, who use the taunt "Rancho Relaxo"
- Wednesday Mundee, the fem sniper, who use the taunt "Killer Solo"


Used tools: Bitstrips

Characters and other mentions:
- The image: myself
- Meddy, Dark Meddy, Ginder Kneer, Tilde, Tracy and Wednesday Mundee: :iconimprobabilitygodess:
- TF2 Universe: "Team Fortress 2" by Valve Corporation, John Cook and Robin Walker
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Aw, England doesn't get to have the butt love healing from my Meddy XD
DunkyYoungGTS's avatar
Well ... in fact, I put characters without taking into account countries. The only important thing in my opinion was: a friend circle, with Witney in the middle of the image and the Dark Meddy in the background behind Witney and the earth
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Oh yeah, it look like you did to me. Just trying to make some little laughter for myself knowing I always want to be with her booty :P

But the taunt poses were good as what I can see. Maybe you could add some healing effect on Meddy's butt XD
DunkyYoungGTS's avatar
Hmmm ... in fact, I will not change this image.
Kylie-GTS's avatar
Oh I didn't think you was going to change it, I was just mentioning about it
DunkyYoungGTS's avatar
Yeah ... however, you give me a funny idea of image with you and the medic.
Kylie-GTS's avatar
Oh lol, I can't wait to see your idea if you do it then XD
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