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Team Fortress 2 Wallpaper Happy Spy

A screen shot from my source filmmaker video: [link]
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© 2013 - 2021 DUNKMOVIES
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Jesus, I know I've commented here before, but SO many people are using this face! And the original video doesn't even have over a million views yet!
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Do you have this pose In the workshop 
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Fun Fact: This picture was used in a thumbnail in a Youtube video from Did You Know Gaming. I love the picture! I might use it as a wallpaper, can I?
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I already pointed that out.
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this is my new spray in TF2
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EVERYONE seems to use this face... even DidYouKnowGaming.
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It kinda reminds me of :iconimhappyplz:, but the Spy makes it so much more realistic and funny.  I have no idea why...  It just looks like a great dumbass smile, which... somehow fits the Spy...  I dunno.  Good job, though. :D
Would I be allowed to use this picture in some of my TF2 youtube videos? I would source it "©2013 DUNKMOVIES" and list you in the credits in the about section if you approved of this.  It would also make me a very happy panda :)
This reply might be too late, but sure!
Thanks so much, this made my day!

This is the vid I used it in.  Such a great picture for when I'm being cheeky :)  
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