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Monthly Theme Challenge

As stated in the latest blog entry, this is a new idea that I hope you guys get a kick out of.

Theme Challenge Folder

January's monthly theme: Family. Real family, adopted family, or even a monstrous family, whatever the word inspires, go for it! :)


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It seems as though deviantart has finally fixed the glitch that was causing me to be unable to sort our folders! The main issue has been people missplacing art into the writing folder, so I'd ask people kindly to please try and be a little more watchful that you place your picture in the right folder.
Also, sinse I am the one placing missplaced pictures, it is possible that your picture in writing may be missplaced if I think for example that your "fiend" is a "tiefling" and you didn't put the characters race in the description, that it may end up in humanoids. Please let me know if you have any qualms with a picture of yours being in the wrong species category. :)
I haven't been able yet to update the "featured" folder, or the Club ranks journal. But I am about to add a "Comic strips" folder to our gallery and descriptions for our folders. Remember, tieflings/ elves/ genasi are technically humanoids! :)
Thanks for your patience and dedication!


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mevussa Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
commission open, starting from $30
[OC Commission] Han'Sorath by mevussa
Shoncorneto Featured By Owner Edited Mar 28, 2021   Traditional Artist
20$commission open

20210328 153108 by Shoncorneto   
Lyubavalea Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2021  Professional Traditional Artist
Hello! Commissions open, I draw characters with simple backgrounds. Chibi character $ 15, original character $ 50, half body $ 35, original character with background $70
Warrior by Lyubavalea   Pirat and Warlock by Lyubavalea  
EK2001 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 24, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, since I am new here, I decided to have my own take on Shrek as a playable character on this. I hope all of you would like it.

DND: Shrek The Half Orc Fighter by EK2001  
Greenlandvene2 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2021  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I'm new here and have been enjoying looking at everyone's stuff! I figure I'll post my commission prices. DM me if you're interested!
Commission Prices by Greenlandvene2  
NekoVerczak Featured By Owner Edited Feb 14, 2021  Student General Artist
Aranita the cursed zodiac mage by NekoVerczak Portrait Commission is open! Desing to 5-10 Euro :)
Miki-Fauns Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2021
The humanoids folder is maxed out. 
Miki-Fauns Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2021
Is this a good place to talk about D&D? 
Lies-Junk Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2021  Student Digital Artist

Portrait Commission is open!

The price during the sale is only $ 15!

I only accept orders on the Fiver website:

Have a nice day 🤍

Orc Portrait by Lies-Junk   DnD Portrait by Lies-Junk   Draenei portrait by Lies-Junk  

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